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Manifestation using the mind

realityConcerning the science of reality, I want to share with you one more piece of the jigsaw that has come to my attention concerning the ability to manifest our own reality. It is ground that I have covered before in my series of posts last year on manifestation. Check them out if you are interested. Sometimes, though, a slightly different way of putting things, on a familiar subject, will suddenly raise your understanding to a whole new level.

For instance, I have talked about people manifesting, by prayer, intention or spells and asked, how is it possible? Also, how can the mechanism that people use be correlated  with our scientific understanding? A book, that I was given for my birthday, had a slightly different way with words on this subject which really re-enforced and illuminated the answer for me.

As the book, WeMoon 2016 said, the science of manifestation involves quantum mechanics and human consciousness. QM involves some of the smallest particles in existence that are known as” the bedrock of the sub underworld of physical form”. I loved that phrase. It gave perspective to what I already understood. As we know, experiments have shown that the consciousness of an observer influences the behavior of these particles which exist only as potential at the sub atomic level. So the science is there for the possibility of manifestation.

As, the book says “Our expectations actually do create our reality”

The spells and prayers and intentions just focus us on the reality we desire. So keep positive and be sure of the reality you desire, and remember science is actually on our side.

Aspects of reality

Again we return to the substantial but anecdotal evidence that we create our own reality using the quantum field and the power of our mind.

Basic manifestation

Dreams are created one choice at a time

Dreams are created one choice at a time

Can we actually alter our personal reality? Well, almost certainly but perhaps not in the way that we think we do. It has been pointed out to me that changing our personal reality may not involve mysterious forces at all, some times it is just a matter of changing our perception.

Life on Earth is both complex and interactive. Our mind and memory sifts out the millions and trillions of bits of information that living in the world bombards us with. We choose, to an extent, the reality that we are aware of. On one level changing our reality may be as simple as changing our perceptions of what is going on around us. It may be also just a matter of putting the fix on on what we want. Once we have done that the path to obtaining it often becomes clearer. This can be seen as manifestation on a basic level.

Aspect of reality

Our human brain is so complex we may just be changing our perceptions rather than actually changing our reality.

Creating our own reality- the last word?

  • It is often asked if  human consciousness can change physical reality. I believe so  and use the science of quantum mechanics  to illustrate my point.
     The wise  David Russell said ”  Human consciousness not only affects reality but it also creates it. What is reality? Is it what we can see, hear, touch? Is it what we believe? Is it our morality or ethics? Is it what we do or what feel? Or is it all of these things as we are, each of us, all of them ourselves?”
    I replied”  Our reality is what we perceive, I believe. I also believe that it is more individual than we realize. It is like an interactive video game. Every player believes they are playing the same game with the same rules, but we are creating our own game as we play.”
     I also added “We may be changing physical reality as we go to do that.”
    We cannot know what we are supposing is true. Evidence is creeping in that consciousness does have a role in creation. I have done lots of blog posts about that very topic. Track back if you are interested. All I know is that science is beginning to look at this properly ( via Quantum mechanics and studies about the nature of consciousness) at last .
    I do know what I, and many others, believe. Hopefully the time will come when it is all a lot clearer and and these views, especially in answer to the age old questions of who we actually are and what we are doing here, will begin to make more sense to the general population.
    Until then, keep thinking and creating.
    Aspects of Reality
    Human consciousness can seem to change reality

Programming our own reality

sub atomicparticlesOne of the most intriguing questions these days in alternative circles is whether or not human beings can actually change reality with the power of thought or intention. Could this be possible?

Well, the old fashioned (Newtonian) way of scientific thinking stated that the physical world operates like a machine. The laws of physics dictate how the world around us worked. For every given set of inputs you would get a predictable output. If things did not conform to what was expected it was thought it was because we did not understand that part of the machine.  How then could we change things if they are set?

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article called Human input into creation?  This concerned the scientific discipline of Quantum Mechanics. QM deals with the very particles of energy which make up the atoms that make up all of the physical world including us. At this level the world is not a machine. Particles to not always follow set rules. Put simplistically, one of the discoveries of QM is that the input of an observer can decide what final form an individual particle finally takes.

As I said then “Individual sub atomic particles have seemingly endless possibilities of form and position in time and space. They only settle on one, though, when observed or measured.” What does this actually mean? This actually means that the consciousness of the observer brings the particle into set being. So one one level we can be said to be continually creating our own reality. QM scientist say that this only applies to the quantum world and does not show itself in our complex physical reality. Is that  wholly true however?


Aspect of Reality

In quantum mechanics the consciousness of the observer brings the particles into set being. We are continually creating our own reality using our mind.

Human Input Into creation?

sub atomicparticles I have explained before about the quantum field of light that we live in and are part of. These posts are to be found in the category the SCIENCE OF REALITY zero point fields sub category. In The field explained I touched on constant exchange of energy through Zero point field and also the essential interconnectedness of everything as demonstrated by the phenomena of non locality. In quantum mechanics though there is one more exciting concept that, if followed through logically, is mind blowing. Put simplistically, this is the fact that the input of an observer can decide what form a particle finally takes.

Individual sub atomic particles have seemingly endless possibilities of form and position in time and space. They only settle on one, though, when observed or measured. What does this actually mean? This actually means that the consciousness of the observer brings the particle into set being. So one one level we can be said to be continually creating our own reality.

Scientist would say that on a day to day basis this only affects the quantum world not the seemingly solid “real” day to day world. Others argue that these particles are the basic building blocks of the ” real” world and cannot be viewed separately. ( Is this why prayer, spells and intention work? )

Anyway, in this way consciousness can be seen to be integral to creation. Whether it is ours or that of a supreme being is another matter.

Aspects of reality

Consciousness seem integral to creation.