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Intergalactic portals?

Editing my chapter about aliens in my new book, I realized that I had not said anything about intergalactic portals. Could there actually be portals between the worlds or dimensions? This is a fascinating, but mind blowing, concept, but is it fact or fiction? My chapter on Universal and Earth energies, after all, hinted at portal points at certain points on the surface of the Earth. These are either built into the structure of the Earth deliberately when it was formed, or are a result of diamagnetism, the interaction between gravity and the natural electromagnetic forces at certain points.

Finding out what is really going on is impossible. Rumour has it that NASA and other government agencies are researching, and even using portal points to teleport over the Earth, but also to link into intergalactic highways. They are said to be used by alien beings to visit Earth and vice versa. There is no proof that this is actually happening, but it is an intriguing concept. There are also hints of inter-dimensional portals.

I did know someone who used to claim to see beings going in and out of such portals, I would love to know of anyone else’s personal experiences of these.


The reality of Communion

whitleyHave just re-read Whitley Striber’s book, Communion. First published in 1987, describing his interaction with, and abductions by, grey aliens. Although 30 years old, it still has important points to make. What I find most interesting is his doubts, even as the bizarre things, abductions  and aliens around his bed, are happening to him. He thinks he may be going mad or the experience may be coming from his subconscious mind.

He feels he interacts with 4 Grey species. The small common ones, which he believes may  have a hive mind. Certainly they sometimes appear to move as one. Some now believe these to be clones. The others, whilst looking vaguely human like, albeit slender, give him an insect like sense. All have these vast, dark eyes. One individual in particular that communicates with him and he has a sense of having always interacting with her, says she is very old. She reminds him of the goddess Ishtar.

Where do they come from? He gives a list of possibilities, some of which I have not considered before. These all indicate different aspects or truths about our reality.

Aspects of reality

They may have come

  • From another planet or planets
  • From Earth- but so different from us that we had not up until now understood that they were real.
  • From another aspect of space time or dimension.
  • From this dimension in space but not time
  • From within us- we are creating them with our minds.
  •  The phenomena may be just a side effect of natural phenomena..certain magnetic frequencies tripping a certain hallucinatory wire in the mind.
  •  They may be just another aspect of the human species.

There seems to be more general awareness of the phenomena lately, but in the field of official acknowledgement nothing seems to have changed. As he says, “If visitors are here they are orchestrating our awareness of them very carefully.”


Tesla and alien ideas?

tesla pics tesla tower


Largely forgotten  by the mainstream, but brought back to notice by the driver-less cars that use his name Nikola Tesla was a power house of imagination and design. It was his invention of alternating current over 100 years ago, rather than Edison’s of direct current, that powers our world today. Tesla’s inventions went far beyond electricity. He had the concepts of things that were way ahead of his time. These included wireless radio communications, turbine engines, helicopters, fluorescent and neon lights, anti grav technology, torpedoes and the X-ray among others. Some of his ideas are just being developed today.

Even more impressively, using his Wardenclyffe or Tesla towers, he designed a method of using the Earth’s own energy  and wirelessly transmitting it. His funding was withdrawn when his backers learnt what he was actually doing. In his own words he was “(using) the Earth itself as the medium for conducting the currents, thus dispensing with wires and all other artificial conductors … a machine which, to explain its operation in plain language, resembled a pump in its action, drawing electricity from the Earth and driving it back into the same at an enormous rate, thus creating ripples or disturbances which, spreading through the Earth as through a wire, could be detected at great distances by carefully attuned receiving circuits. In this manner I was able to transmit to a distance, not only feeble effects for the purposes of signalling, but considerable amounts of energy, and later discoveries I made convinced me that I shall ultimately succeed in conveying power without wires, for industrial purposes, with high economy, and to any distance, however great.”

Had he been allowed to develop this he could have powered the world for free. Scientist are only now just managing to achieve limited wireless transmission of power under laboratory conditions.

Side-lined and ridiculed in his life time, by the time of his death Tesla held nearly 700 worldwide patents. His body and remaining papers mysteriously disappeared after his death.

Way ahead of his time, where did Tesla get his ideas? It seems he received detailed images in his mind. Where did they come from? Could he have been a conduit for alien information? He was attempting to communicate beyond Earth, could it have been a two way stream? Many people believe so. Was this just another example of alien assistance in our civilization, albeit one that was essentially sabotaged by the industrial complex of the time?

Aspect of reality

1-If Tesla did get his information from aliens , that would indicate that they are seeking to help/interfere with our reality.

2-It has been suggest to me that these designs may just have been held by the universal collective consciousness and he just accessed them.





Aliens and ancient aliens

alien abductionMy intention was always to look at modern alien interaction with our current reality, as part of my other beings in our reality thread. Almost as an afterthought I thought that I would look at ancient aliens before doing that. This topic has been puzzling but fascinating. It has, of course, led me into the realms of the real history of the world, lost technology and who or what we actually are. This is a topic I was saving for my next book, and one that needs substantially more research.

Some of the information I have acquired I will use for that purpose and it has not been a wasted exercise, as to understand what is happening now it is useful to have an insight into past interaction.

Aspects of reality

We have almost certainly been interfered or interacted with by alien races since the beginning of our time.

Our current reality may have been shaped by them.


Alien contact -Wise words from Chris Harris

alien good versus evilA couple of weeks ago I shared Genna’s story about her encounter with a UFO which changed her life.  Chris Harris sent me his thoughts which I am sharing with you now. It concerns the government cover up of the alien/ufo phenomena.

“All major governments are of course in touch with alien groups that are visiting our planet. It is the science and truth known to these travelers that prevents disclosure. To have a full understanding of the mechanics of space-time and to understand the reality behind each of our souls inter connectivity and immortality is to know more than can be released to Earth humans at this time. To unleash revelations exposed by the exotic science of our alien contacts, is a logistical nightmare that governments are trying to address. It is not panic of the masses at stake it is the sanity of us all. Things now so important to us that cement the world together would dissolve if our education is too fast.”

Aspects of reality

Is that really why alien contact is been suppressed?

UFO Dreams or reality?

alien abductionTalking to people about possible alien or UFO interactions, a surprising number of sensible people have seen something, but are almost in denial to themselves about what they have seen. They use the words, ” But I might have imagined it” or “I was probably dreaming.” or ” I have always seen things but have been afraid of being called bonkers”. The latter is particularly true for the older people who have been often severely chastised as children for allegedly telling tall stories or making things up. There is also a category of people who have seen something but have been too embarrassed to say. They are almost relieved when they can get it off their chests, to someone who does not automatically doubt them.


Just a thought

Aspects of reality

As humans we see what we want to see and often disregard, or just not see, what we do not expect to see. It is how the brain and the sense organs work.



Genna’s UFO


genna field This is a personal account of a random and unexpected encounter with a UFO that was told to me very recently. It is important because it was unexpected and not looked for, but also because it changed the observer’s life.

Genna’s UFO

Nearly 20 years ago Genna and her friend stopped briefly on their way home from a party, tired but sober at 11.30 at night. They pulled into a car park in the village of Sutton Scotney Hampshire, which looked over a recreation ground, to use the loo.

Suddenly they saw a cigar shape pulsating ball of fire above the park. Mesmerized they sat on the bonnet of the car watching it. It then moved closer to them and looked like it tripled in size. It seemed to be continually changing position and form. Occasionally a saucer shaped craft could be seen beneath the outer pulsating light, with blue and red lights. It seemed then to shower lights downwards behind the park trees, then two flashes and it was gone. This experience lasted twenty minutes. It felt peaceful, but in Genna’s words, it changed her life.

The description of the craft that she gave to me matched what many people have seen since all over the world. That long ago, though, this knowledge was not public and Genna certainly was not privy to or interested in the subject. Many people think that what is described is probably anti – gravity technology, and/ or some sort of cloaking device around the spaceship.

What is probably more interesting though, is the fact that Genna felt that this experience changed her life. She came from a strict religious background, and this episode threw her into disarray and made her doubt her religion. Had she seen demons? What else had been hidden? It made question the status quo on all levels. What were the aliens doing here? Why is the government keeping it quiet?

She tells me that she felt great anger at people’s level of disbelief when she told them her story. She felt almost an outcast, separated from her friends who did not believe her.

For someone only 19, the aftermath, not the actual experience, was the ordeal. As with any non mainstream phenomena, people are sometimes too scared to tell others what it going on for fear of doubt or ridicule. At the same time possible reasons for a government cover up are there in her experience. If we all doubted the status quo and asked why, then the iron control that they have over us would be challenged. So keep talking and sharing your experience

Aspects of reality

This is interesting because the reality was both that she did not expect to see such a thing and that it changed her life,( For the worse to begin with).

A pure experience of seeing an alien space ship.


The Fermi principle- why no overt contact with alien life?

Vast universeIt was pointed out to me that, in all my research and posts, that I had not discussed the Fermi Principle. Turns out that I had sort of covered it in past posts in general terms, but anyway it is very important so here it is.

The Fermi paradox, named after physicist Enrico Fermi, is the apparent contradiction between the lack of evidence that alien life exists and the high probability, given the size and inherent nature of the universe that it does. It is highly probable that life, although not necessarily as we would recognise or understand it, is a normal phenomenon, an inherent parameter of the universe.

Why then is there no scientific evidence that alien life exists?

(1) That extra terrestrial life does not, despite Fermi, actually exist.

(2) That either the technology they use is far too advanced to be detected by us or that the technology we use is insufficiently advanced to be noticed by them.

(3) That we are looking for extra terrestrials at the wrong places. The universe is so vast and our equipment so relatively limited that we may be just unlucky so far.

(4) That the aliens are life forms so different to us that even if they are in plain sight, we fail to recognize them as sentient beings or to communicate with them. Our limited sense organs may be at fault and just not detecting them.

(5) That aliens are trying to communicate with us but constantly fail due to a variety of problems or miss match of technology. Some people do believe that they are in telepathic communication though.

(6) That they are avoiding us because we are bad news. We are aggressive or we are destroying our environment. An advanced race may also have a policy of non intervention in other less advanced worlds.

Aspects of reality

All of the above list are the different possible  of alien communication reality. Which one will turn out to be true only time will tell.

Are we being controlled- the eternal battle

alien good versus evilMy many discussions with the people that have been investigating the concept of alien contact and intervention has  thrown up several disturbing concepts which need further investigation.

1- That humanity was genetically altered by aliens for its own purposes at the beginning of our time.

2-That humanity is and always has been controlled, covertly, by our alien masters in disguise or by their representatives. We are actually not as free as we think we are.

3-That there are alien races that are working in our best interests and they are trying to help humanity counter those that are not.

4- We may actually be a virtual reality programme, and either side may have hacked in to the others game.

All very disturbing concepts- don’t you think.

Aspects of reality

1- That we may being controlled by aliens who do not have our best interests at heart.

2-That we may being monitored by aliens  who are here to help us.

3-That we may be just virtual reality anyway.

4- It may be a case of the eternal good versus evil scenario.



Jung and self manifestation

strange lights People seeing potential alien, UFO’s or just strange things in the sky, are not a new thing. They have been occurring though out the millennia, although often in the past they have been mistaken for Gods. Nowadays  people sometimes presume that they are from other worldly beings,  but there may be a completely different explanation. Some of them could actually be our own top secret  planes or experiments. There are other possibilities though.

 For instance, the famous psychoanalyst Jung, writing over 50 years ago, along with many modern thinkers today, pointed out that there may be an unseen link between consciousness and matter. In other words we may be manifesting some of those strange phenomena. Either ourselves, or though the collective unconscious.

Aspects of reality

1- There may be a link between consciousness and matter.

2- Some reported phenomena may come from our collective unconscious.