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Other dimensional beings

other beingsMy research into Alien beings that seem to interact with humanity has led me to discover an extra category.

As well as contact with beings that are recognizable as 3D solid entities, there is also reported contact with beings that come from other dimensions.  Science does tell us that we live in a multiple dimensional universe or even a multiverse, after all. Although seeing them is difficult, telepathic contact still seems to be possible.

Why cannot we see them? Well there are two problems.

Firstly, If they are 4th dimensional beings their bodies are vibrating at a higher frequency than ours. Our sense organs are not tuned to detect them, or though they can see us as we are slower.

Secondly, If we can see them, or their space ships, any vision would be very distorted. We simply could not see all of the craft, only 3 dimensions of it. It would just suddenly partially appear and then seem to vanish, which does tally in with some reported sightings. It may also explain some strange lights and shapes seen in the sky.

Aspects of reality

1-We live in a multi dimensional universe.

2-There may be  other dimensional beings from these other dimensions that visit or interact with us.




Why alien contact?

spaceshipsLast time I asked what the aliens who interact with us were actually doing. Observing, trying to save us, guiding or harvesting genetic material for their own purposes?

We presume their intent is benign..there has not anyway any, or many, reports of attacks. This is fortunate, as any race that has the technology to cross billions of miles of space could make easy meat of us if they chose. Are we been prevented from destroying ourselves? What dangerous technology have they stopped working? Is our own space race being controlled or curtailed? Are we just being guided through a difficult stage in our development?  Again there are more questions than definitive answers.

As is said in a book that I recently read, The world’s greatest UFO and alien encounters, ”We have the problem of seeing it all through human eyes which define everything into a benevolent or malevolent framework and slot everything into a convenient moral frame work,” We do not really know if this contact is for our own good or serves a more sinister higher purpose.

Aspects of reality

1- We are not alone

2- If any alien race is hostile we would be an easy target.

3-Our human perceptions may judge aliens actions wrongly.


Alien Cover up?

spaceshipsThere seem to be many recorded encounters  with alien beings though out history, although in olden times they may have been mistaken for Gods. Many people even feel they have been abducted, and have been inside an alien space craft. Some  accounts seems to be from credible witnesses and unfaked photos have been mentioned. Making sense of it all is another matter. What is the truth? What is fantasy or dis information?  More importantly, why?

Looking at all accounts, though, there does seem to be common threads. Craft are seen and photographed, military jets seem to chase or track them, although no accounts are ever in the public record.   Beings seen range from the usual small greys, Adamski’s small being in a space suit and red boots, the giants seen in  Israel, insect like or reptilian beings and various other permutations. Contact always seems to be made telepathically. The why, though, is even more interesting.

The seemingly benign aliens, at least, seem to worry about the state of the Earth and what we are doing to it. The interconnectedness of things and nature seem emphasized. The importance of love is stressed.

The more sinister seem to be collecting tissue samples and even conducting alien/human breeding experiments. Some people think that this is done with government collusion, in exchange perhaps for alien technology.

What does come over very strongly , though , is that our governments know perfectly well what is happening and are either colluding or covering up for their own purposes. Although more information is leaking out to general awareness, the constant official denials and ridicule of those trying to get information out there makes getting at the truth very difficult.

Aspects of reality

1- There is a long history of alleged alien interference in our civilisation.

2-There is a long narrative of alien visitation and abductions in recent history.

3- There is a strong whiff of government collusion in these actions for their own purposes.

Official cover up?

spaceshipsIn a previous post I asked why it was that the official position concerning UFO’s and alien contact is denial, but files on the phenomena are often classified or withheld?

John Hargrove came up with an answer as follows;

The explanation to your question .
1. With” War of the worlds” broadcast by Orson Welles back in the thirties. A nationwide panic began to set off.

2. The concept of what human’s believe as God would destroyed and society would break down.
3. To acknowledge that we are not the most powerful, that we are inferior would aid to the breakdown.
4. There is so much valid information that disclosure must be initiated by double talk and leaks.

Thanks John, I wonder though if in some case there is not a more sinister agenda as well though? What do you think or know?

Aspect of reality

1- The knowledge of  human frailty, and the fear that it may lead to a societal break down if the certainties they have fed us over the years are challenged, may be hindering disclosure of alien content.

Alien beings, are they really here?

spaceshipsJust at the start of my research I am beginning to identify differences in the alien beings that are said to be among us. There seems to be several, types, shapes and sizes of aliens and their craft that people have recorded. I am told there are at least 8 races that are in direct communication with us, although I have yet to identify them.

There also seems to be, alongside these third dimensional aliens, (as we are) those from higher or multi dimensions.

Some people also believe that alien races  (such as Annunaki) are also those that are inextricably tied up in the history of our species and civilization and are still with us. Those I will look at in more depth when I research the real history of our world.

Anyway before I delve deeper I have a question. Why is it that the official position is denial, but files on the phenomena are often classified or withheld?

Aspects of reality

1- There seem to be many alien races that interact with us, both now and in the past.

2-Why the official cover up?  What have the ” powers that be” got to lose.



If aliens are among us why cannot we see them -2

spaceshipsLast time I explained the scientific reasons why we may not be able to see aliens or indeed other beings that seem to share our reality with us. What practical reasons could there be, if they are here, and they are in our optic range for seeing them, why they are not in plain sight?

This has several possible answers depending on the big picture of the universe and the nature of our reality itself.

1-They are actually not here at all, and are figments of people’s imagination. The rebuff to this is that too many sensible people, including friends of mine, have seen them. There are of course always cranks and fantasists, but there is still a large body of events that have not been explained or laughed away.

2- They are actually here, but those running our world do not want us to know about them. Our whole society is geared up to, and we are sold a view of, the universe that has us as a stand alone planet. Are we part of a bigger picture that people who actually run our planet,(who may not be who we think they are), do not wants us to know about for their own reasons? What could these reasons be?

3- They are actually here, but they themselves have very good reasons not to make themselves more widely known. Why this should be so depends on the nature of these alien beings, why they are here and the big picture of the galactic federation, which we may be part, of and its rules. More particularly it depends on the intent of these beings, which we can only hope is benign.

Aspects of reality

The reality is almost certainly that aliens beings are among us. The reasons for them not to reveal themselves will only become clear when they do!


If aliens are among us, why can’t we all see them?

other beings If alien beings are actually among us, why do only some people see them and communicate with them? Why, after decades of sightings all over the world, are they not yet in plain sight? This is a question that reaches in the heart of our understanding of the nature of our reality itself.

There are both scientific and practical reasons for this.

Firstly, as  seemingly solid beings, we are all basically made, at atomic level anyway, from nothing more than vibrating energy. This vibrates at certain frequencies. Our sense organs are tuned into those frequencies. Beings vibrating at other frequencies we simply may not detect, although they may be all around us. We may be able to communicate with them via our minds though. Those of higher or faster frequencies may be able to see us, but we may not be able to see them. Some people with more sensitive minds or sense organs seem to be able to see or detect them though. This is true also for Angels, elemental and other beings that seem to share our reality with us.

Secondly, all that we actually see, via our sense organs, is co-ordinated though our brain. Our brain makes sense of things, seeing what it expects or is taught it should see. Even if beings are there, our brain may not recognize them as valid images and not register them. This is not wholly the case though because there are many tales of unsuspecting people having experiences with aliens out of the blue and seeing them clearly.

Aspects of reality

As beings limited by the capacity of our sense organs and minds, we may not be able to see what is around us but vibrating in other wavelengths.



Are aliens here among us?

space shipAs I start my research I find that the whole subject is much more complex than be imagined.

People have always seen things in the sky. There is a vast collection of reports of sightings and encounters and abduction tales. Friends of mine even saw a UFO.  There is also a suspicion that governments have contact and may use alien technology.  A vast cover up is hinted about.The fact is though aliens are not on public view. They do not appear on TV. They are not shown greeting our leaders. If they exist and are walking on our Earth, why not?

The truth is that there are several possible different explanations for this which I will be exploring.

Aspects of reality

We are certainly not alone in this reality of ours.



Are we really alone?

Sumerian-Texts-4-Cylinder-Seal-1024x590The idea that aliens from other planets are among us, and even interfering with humanity, is not a new one. It is one that I am only just beginning to research though, and any input from from those that are more knowledgeable would be much appreciated.

Very surprisingly, I find that evidence of alien communication is not a new phenomena.

Interestingly enough, not only do, what is considered the first proper civilization on Earth, the Sumerians, have carvings in stone that some people believe showed aliens helping them set up organized society, but there are also references to visitors from space in the bible.

For instance: Old Testament Prophet Ezekiel, in 593BC, described what many interpret as a spaceship descending from the sky.

Every bit of “evidence” is of course very much contested, but the topic will not go away.

Follow me on this journey to try and sift though the available evidence and personal testimony that is out there.

Aspects of reality

The evidence of alien interference in our past is recorded on stone and historical writings.

Beings from other worlds around us?

Personal testimony

It is funny how strange events come out of the  blue when you least expect them. For instance,when I was on holiday recently, I looked up and in a crowd of people I noticed two strange men in dark coats and hats looking at me. What made them stand out was the fact that they seemed to have beams of light coming out of their eyes.  I wondered what was actually going on, or if I had had too much wine with my lunch!!!!

The whole thing  was very strange, because although I would love to be able to see some of the phenomena that I report other people as seeing, I generally cannot.

Who or what could they be I asked? Some friends said aliens, some angels or even that  I have imagined them.

A few weeks later I asked a new friend who works at a  high healing level what she thought.

Instantly she told me that they were Lemurians from the constellation Lemuria. The beams of light from the eyes were the giveaway. She herself claims to work with extra- terrestrials in her healing practice.

The very next day whilst watching the news I heard that two new possibly habitable planets had been discovered. THESE WERE IN THE CONSTELLATION LEMURIA

Very spooky!!!!!

Aspects of reality

Beings from other worlds are among us. Sometimes we can see them.