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The reality of ghosts in the machine.

ghostsWhen looking for clues to the nature of reality, insights come in many ways, even when you are just going about your normal routine. For instance, my grandson had been given new X box for his birthday. He had purchased a car racing game to play on it. A virtual grid of racing cars lined up on the screen and the race began. Being a “why and how” person I asked, who it was that he was racing against? I do know that these games can be interactive with other people that are on line over the internet. He does sometimes race against his brother in Surrey. What happens if no one else is online I asked?

The answer he gave I found slightly disturbing. They are ghosts, he said. The computer takes the profiles of players that have played before, and their driving styles, and races the cars as if they were actually playing. For me this was a whole new twist on reality.

What else around us in our society is operated with ghosts? Are our individual realities populated with ghosts, with the real people playing elsewhere? Are we just an interactive video game after all?

Could actual ghosts that people have seen over the centuries be computer generated glitches in a virtual world?

Aspects of reality

Are we actually holograms living in a virtual world after all?

The Reality of Spooks

As before often mentioned, when looking at aspects of our reality the clues to what is actually going on lies in the anomalies that we see around us. That is those things that logically simply should not be there if the world is as we have been told it is. One such anomaly that is much mentioned this time of year is the existence of what we call ghosts or spooks.

There is always a degree of skepticism about the existence of ghosts, that is indeed until people actually see them!! As it is near Halloween, the Sunday Times Newspaper  actually ran a full page article on the matter. It was called “Everything you always wanted to know about GHOSTS but were afraid to ask”


Final thoughts on ghosts and racing drivers

I thought I had finished with the topic of ghosts, and what their very  existence may  mean for the truth about the structure of  our reality. As before mentioned, I am always surprised that so many people believe in ghosts, without questioning the how or the why of them. Imagine my surprise then, when on a tour of Silverstone race track, it was casually mentioned by a sensible and practical racing driver teacher, that parts of the race track were, of course, haunted.

There had been an abbey  on the site  in the middle ages, (hence Abbey corner). Improvements to the track had disturbed 1000 year old bones, and they had been having trouble ever since.  He gave the example of lights, heaters and cookers being randomly turned on and off  in a cottage on site. He said that it seems mischief rather than malice. He also mentioned spooky goings on in a copse.  It seemed so incongruous, in this temple to high tech, that the existence of  ghosts should be both accepted and not questioned.  So many people never ask the vital questions. The most important of which is, what does this actually all mean for the big picture? The very existence of ghosts is such a massive clue. Why do so many people ignore it?

Aspects of reality

The existence of ghosts poses interesting questions about the nature of our reality. what it does show, though, is that our physical reality is only part of the story.

The reality of ghosts -2- evidence

Throughout the ages people have always claimed that they have been able to see  ghosts. The ancients seemed to have accepted their reality more than us, more modern, people do. Throughout history and in more modern times, ghost stories abound. Whatever the aspects of reality that  their very  existence indicates, (see post the reality of ghosts-1), there is overwhelming, albeit anecdotal,  evidence that they are “real”. That we do, in some form, continue on after physical death.What follows is a brief snapshot of some of that evidence.


The reality of ghosts-1- existence

Can we actually continue after death? Does some part of us carry on? Are there any more clues? Surprisingly, there is also another class of phenomena whose very existence may show that physical death is not necessarily the end of things. I mean, of course, of the existence of what we call ghosts.  From almost the beginnings of recorded history there have been stories of the appearance of strange visitors from beyond the grave. I don’t mean tales of our individual loved ones communicating with us after death ( see posts spiritualism and mediums). These are usually quite a different matter. Ghosts do seem to be some sort of version or copies of people that once lived in the “real” world. Their connection with mankind however seems a little different to those souls that are communicated with by mediums. These ghosts are often tied to a particular geographic location. They are another massive clue that life does continue in some form after death, and that the world we see is not the whole story. They are also  another indication of the existence of  a multi dimensional universe. (more…)