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What actually are the beings that we call fairies, and what are they doing here on Earth with us?  Exact definitions seem to be very difficult to agree on. As with the name devas, which covers a myriad of beings living among us, and working to help maintain our biosphere, people use the term fairies to describe many types of elemental being. In this post I will be looking at the more conventional  ”garden” fairies that many people have experience of. I will be looking at the other types of Devas in the next few weeks.

When you mention fairies most people imagine the creatures of our picture books. Small and pretty, like little people, with small wings. In fact most people who can see them see pinches of vibrating energy. They can chose to show themselves in to the form above. For others, of course, their brains automatically change this (as with all these energy beings that we cannot quite see ) into what they expect to see, as per the description above. As part of the family of devas they are nature spirits here to help maintain the biosphere. They are said to have an excitable energy, and can be powerful manifestors.

In their nature spirit role they are said to be an essential component in maintaining the health of the planet. Like angels are they are fundamentally protecting humanity, but they are much nearer to the physical world.

In “The real world of fairies- a first person account” by Dora Van Gelder King, there is a wonderful description of fairies being creatures of pure emotion and sensation.

Also, interestingly she suggests they establish relationships with other fairies, with plants and animals, and with humans by adapting their vibration to the vibration of the being they want to relate to.

Fairy facts are very hard to pin down. Every person seems to have a different angle or experience or understanding of what they are and do. The list below covers some of the options.

 More Fairy Facts

Every plant is said to have its own fairy helping it to grow. Flower fairies are said to wear the colour of the flower they are protecting or hats made from the petals.

-Although mostly friendly, they can get mischievous or annoyed with humans and play havoc with them.

-They love to dance and sing.

-They live singly or in colonies, there may even be fairy houses or settlements.

– There are beliefs in some circles that some may be fallen angels.

-It is possible to communicate and work with fairy energy. They can help you harness the earth and moon energy to manifest.

-There are spells on the internet for summoning fairies.

-Offerings were traditionally left for fairies. This was to enable your crops to grow, attract wealth and protect you from harm.

-They can gift or manifest you magical powers, skills or other presents.


Where do fairies come from fundamentally?

What insights into the nature of reality does their- and other nature spirits- very existence give us?

This comes back to the fundamental question of existence.

Are they, like the Angels, put here by a creator God or intelligent designer? Or are they just part of the evolutionary random process and have developed alongside humanity largely unseen?

What ever the answer we do seem to need them if we are to save the planet!




Devas and the range of nature spirits


What are these spirit beings called Devas that seem to inhabit our reality with us? The term Deva first appeared in early Vedic literature as a class of divine benevolent supernatural beings (Deva means shining one in Sanskrit). In Buddhism it applies to different types of non-human beings who share some godlike characteristics, including very long life and strength.

When you begin researching what actually Devas are today though, the matter becomes even more complex. The term is often used to describe any of the beings that inhabit our reality that are made just of etheric matter or energy.  They are still considered to be magical or supernatural beings, vibrating at a higher frequency than us, so only visible to some sensitive individuals, or those with their 3rd eye activated.

Some people now use the term Deva to encompass all nature spirits any of the spiritual forces or beings behind nature.  Some people propose the theory that they are a type of, or at least in partnership with, the Angels, looking after nature and the Earth rather than its people.  As are Angels, they may be just another branch of evolution, developing alongside us. They are thought to direct, and be responsible for, the health of all our ecosystem. These are spirits connected to the earth and the green environment. There are said to be millions of them, different types doing different jobs to help maintain life on Earth. It is said that we could not exist without them.


One example of the benefits of working with positively with the Devas is found in the Findhorn Foundation. Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean found themselves in dire straits living in a caravan site in Findhorn. They needed to grow vegetables, but the soil was very sandy and poor. By working with spirit and the Devas they were able to grow large and plentiful vegetables which should not have been possible on the soil.

Findhorn is now a large community and foundation dedicated to teaching the principles of co- creating with nature.

I shall be looking at some of these beings and their roles over the next few weeks.

Aspects of reality

There is a range of beings made of pure energy which are said to interact with our biosphere to enable it to work and thrive.


Variations on the Fairy theme

As we all are at base, fairies in all their different forms, are beings made of pure energy. The difference is that they are said not also have a physical body with blood, veins and bones as we do.

Some people do see them as we have been taught they look, others see them just as pinches of vibrating energy.

The more I research, the more different variations on the fairy theme I find. Fairies seems to be a general term for a huge variety of beings, seen or unseen that co-inhabit our Earth. There are not just the pretty fairies in our folk law with cute little wings, but include Devas, leprechauns, selkies, salamanders, elves, pixies and elementals+ even more variations on the theme.

Fairies have been classified historically in a variety of ways. In Irish and Scottish folklore, fairies are organized and classified into courts, the Seelie Court and the Unseelie Court.  In the Seelie court, they are beneficial spirits, and are friendly towards humans.  The Unseelie Court consists of the most hostile and perhaps evil of the fairies. Some believe that it contains a number of monsters of horrible appearance and fearsome abilities as well, who take pleasure in harming humans.

Some, of course, like the leprechauns are just mischievous, and some like the Devas and nature spirits are considered essential in maintaining and guiding the ecosystem on our Earth.

These I will explore next time.

The reality of nature spirits

There are many people who believe that Divas and other nature spirits exist to help all growing things on the earth. Some even help the earth itself. The theory states that every growing thing has an invisible (to most) etheric helper. Their purpose seems to be here to help the plants of our biosphere grow and thrive. Nature simply would not function without them.


What could they be?

The theosophists, I am told, believe them to be part of a separate branch of evolution.

Others believe that they are part of the angelic kingdom, involved from the beginnings of time in the very creation of the earth. The theory is, evolution, as described by Charles Darwin, could not have succeeded without their help.


Other types of nature spirits

There are many different types. Alongside the devas there are the so called the elemental spirits residing in earth, air, fire and water. Some consider that the gnomes, fairies and giants and others of our mythology were actually manifestations of these nature spirits. All have different jobs to do. Some spirits look after whole mountain ranges or forests. There is a belief in some circles that angels are just a type of deva charged to look after us.


What do they look like?

Most people have not the ability to see them. Some feel them, some people claim that they are able to work with them. Of course they probably do not look like the pictures in our children’s story books. I have spoken to a couple of very sensitive people who claim to have seen them. They claim that they are just buzzy flashes of energy, vibrating so quickly that there is some sort of impression of wings. These are just one type of spirit, others take different forms. The devas are supposed range in size from one atom to unimaginably large. They are all considered to be essential for the continuation of life on earth.


Can we prove they exist?

Apart from the personal experience of many people, there is, of course, no scientific proof that these spirits exist. There is some confirmation, though, in the existence of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. Their claim is that they use the nature spirits to wrest abundant crops out of fundamentally inhospitable ground. They have done so very successfully for many years. The principle is to work cooperatively and co-create with nature. Is the existence of these beings likely? I have certainly never come across one. Although their reality is unprovable with our limited science, in practice there is considerable anecdotal evidence across many cultures. The possibility of their existence cannot be completely ruled out.


Aspects of reality

The implications for our aspects reality are though quite clear. Whatever the exact truth of these angels and divas and elementals, there seems to be, usually unseen, entities operating along side humanity. Where they actually come from and why they are helping us is a mystery. The only thing we can be sure of is that life and reality on earth is many layered, not just as we see it. Reality is much more complex and stranger than we can imagine.