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The reality of how Tarot actually works

 Tarot cards

When I wrote my book, ASPECTS OF REALITY – USER’S GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE, I spoke about  the special talents that some people have to seemingly see into the future. What is more, I differentiated between predictive (tarot etc) and satnav or guidance (astrology and the like) skills.  However the more research I did in talking to some of these talented  practitioners, the more that I realised that the distinction was all wrong. It is only in beginning to understand the big picture of the universe, and the mechanism behind each function, that I realised that all of the predictive disciplines are satnav only. I also came to understand that what is written is written, but by whatever mechanism our predictive  life path is  retrieved it is not set in stone, but can be altered by our actions.  Because  the important thing to remember is that we all have free will.