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The reality of ghosts in the machine.

ghostsWhen looking for clues to the nature of reality, insights come in many ways, even when you are just going about your normal routine. For instance, my grandson had been given new X box for his birthday. He had purchased a car racing game to play on it. A virtual grid of racing cars lined up on the screen and the race began. Being a “why and how” person I asked, who it was that he was racing against? I do know that these games can be interactive with other people that are on line over the internet. He does sometimes race against his brother in Surrey. What happens if no one else is online I asked?

The answer he gave I found slightly disturbing. They are ghosts, he said. The computer takes the profiles of players that have played before, and their driving styles, and races the cars as if they were actually playing. For me this was a whole new twist on reality.

What else around us in our society is operated with ghosts? Are our individual realities populated with ghosts, with the real people playing elsewhere? Are we just an interactive video game after all?

Could actual ghosts that people have seen over the centuries be computer generated glitches in a virtual world?

Aspects of reality

Are we actually holograms living in a virtual world after all?

Aspects of our reality- could we actually be holograms?

There has been lots of discussion recently about about the nature of the universe and the human race. One of the interesting possibilities lately raised is that we, and all around us may be nothing more than holograms. We feel so solid and the world around looks so real, how could this be possible? (more…)

Reality the holographic universe – New Scientist

In the holographic universe I discussed the possibility that we, and all around us, may be nothing more than holograms. Surprisingly, many mainstream scientists are currently researching this possibility. Imagine my delight when I discovered in the New Scientist existential issue of 23rd of July covers this very topic. (more…)

Reality-the holographic universe

When looking at aspects of reality, one really interesting theory is that of a holographic universe. A hologram is a three dimensional, seemingly solid, image generated from light. Some would say that that is all we are. After all, we do understand that all we know and feel about the physical world is processed only through our brains. There is no proof that the physical world is there at all, except within our minds. As you may remember, the atomic structure of all matter is constructed fundamentally from vibrating pinches of energy. Some believe that we, and all around us, could be merely holograms. (more…)

Reality-living in the energy matrix

When we look at the truth of reality, we have to start by looking at ourselves. What is our reality? We are beings made of nothing more than energy. Our bodies themselves are constructed from the atoms that combine together to make the matter from which we are made. The particles that make up the atoms, quarks etc, are themselves just vibrating energy in different combinations. Our apparent solidity is an illusion, a function only of the relative densities and electrical charges of matter. Each of us can be seen as an integrated energy field, living in a greater energy field that is the universe. (more…)