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The reality of who we are-3 our universal energies

Last time I discussed the fact that, seemingly solid, we are in fact no more than energy beings in sea of energy. Even our thoughts and our spirit bodies are forms of energy. We could actually be holograms or a computer simulation. The physics of the vibrating energy parcels that make up the atoms of our, and indeed the whole of creation’s, construction (quantum mechanics) mean that we are all interconnected on an energetic basis. (more…)

The reality of Zero Point Field

sub atomicparticles In my post of a couple of weeks ago, (The field explained)  14/7/2014,I was highlighting the fact that at base, we and all seemingly solid objects around us, consist of nothing more than parcels of vibrating sub atomic particles, known as quanta. We are actually energy beings who live in an energy matrix. Gravitational and electromagnetic energies and the energies within out atomic structure hold everything together.  I also pointed out that there is also field of energy which permeates all of existence and which is constantly interacting with these quanta.This is known as Zero Point Field.

This exists, and is measurable, because all the elementary particles around us constantly exchange energy.  So called virtual particles  pop into existence, interact with each other and exchange energy, then annihilate each other and instantly vanish. This is not a new discovery but has been known about and discounted in other calculations for many years.

Aspects of Reality

Firstly, the universe is not stable or static but a seething mass of sub atomic particles popping fleetingly in and out of existence. Where do they actually come from? What more don’t we know?

Secondly, there is this vast untapped reservoir of energy which perhaps could be used constructively one day.

Thirdly, as energy beings living in this matrix do we actually exist at all?





The field explained

Lynne McTaggart’s revolutionary book, looking at the world on a quantum level and how this affects us all, is simply called “ The Field ”. The first question is then, what is this field that she talks about?

This field is just a name for the quantum sea of light in which we live. When you look at us and our universe we seem to be solid objects, living in a solid world. This is, of course, just an illusion. We and all around us are made, due to our atomic structure, at base of nothing more than parcels of vibrating energy in different combinations. The study of this vibrating energy, or quanta, is what quantum mechanics is all about. At this level the predictability of matter that conventional physics relies on just does not happen. The school text books which showed energy in always in discrete bundles simply does not apply.

Aspects of reality

There are three strange quantum mechanics principles which make things interesting.

  • Sometimes the particles are just, well particles. Sometimes, seemingly randomly, they can become waves. Waves can spread out over large regions of space and time. They can jump gaps. They can sometimes penetrate thing that are thought of as impenetrable.
  • The principle of Non Location holds that once particles have been in contact they are forever linked, even if they end up separated by millions of miles. The universe is thus one mesh of interlinked energy.
  • No particle ever stays at rest. They are always in motion. There is a field of energy (zero point field) which permeates all of existence and which is constantly interacting with these sub atomic particles. The universe is not stable or static but a seething mass of sub atomic particles popping fleetingly in and out of existence.

So, as human beings we live in this field of interlinked pulsating energy. We are part of it. We are not lone individuals but part of a much bigger picture. Even more interesting, at some level we can be seen to direct it. Next week I will look at how this is seemingly done.







Back to the field

Going on holiday a couple of weeks ago, I grabbed a couple of books for poolside reading. Being a tad over serious sometimes, they were non fiction, re- reads in fact. Books that I had had for ages but which I thought were worth re visiting.

One of these was the The Field by Lynne McTaggart.  Originally published over 5 years ago, I was struck by how ahead of her time she was, and how she had influenced me in my thinking as I was writing my own book. (Aspects of Reality- a user’s guide to the universe).

There has been so much in the press and on social media lately about the science of our fundamental reality. It seems that another level of awareness is developing, driven by looking at the nature of the very particles that make up us and our universe (quantum mechanics). Concepts like our fundamental interconnectedness on a quantum level and the growing awareness that the very human consciousness which makes us us may be actually not a separate individual entity but inherent in every atom of the universe and  indeed may even precede creation (biocentrism), are being given serious consideration. The interesting thing is that this is not new knowledge. Individual great thinkers and scientists have been researching and theorising along these lines for many many years. They have just been ignored by the mainstream. As Lynne herself said, people have been working separately, and because of non conventional results from their experiments, have kept their heads down for fear of ridicule by the establishment. There is a groundswell now though and formerly what were considered crack pot views seem to be moving into general acceptance and awareness.

It is actually almost a revolution, and The Field is the story of this revolution in the making. Look at it if you have time. It is worth  looking at some of the concepts that she pulled together and try and explain how they fit into our growing new big picture of life, the universe and everything.