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More thoughts on lives between lives

candle What does happen to us between lives? The diagram  about the life cycle of death and rebirth, that I posted last time ( Evidence of what happens between lives? ) seemed to be met with general agreement by most of my readers that commented. Of course there are many different views, across many cultures and faiths. The truth is that we cannot be absolutely sure until we ourselves get there.

David Russell ( put a slightly different perspective on the subject. As I understand him, he sees part of our consciousness going on after death, but not necessarily all of us. Although we cannot really know, we probably re join the greater consciousness before being reincarnated.

He said “Each of us is like a candle lit from a larger flame. We burn until the wick is exhausted and then we go out. The larger flame, however, goes on forever. Our rebirth happens as another candle is lit from that larger flame. Essentially it is all the same flame.”

Aspects of reality

The enduring puzzle of life continuing after physical death, shows us that our physical reality is only part of the story.



Astrology and Karma?

AstrologyWouldn’t you know it! Having decided to finish my Karma thread and move on to re-incarnation, someone made a comment that opened up a whole new area of thought on the subject.

Aqua man (mike) on G+ thanked me for my last post and mentioned that he had got into Karma via astrology. I then ask him how.

He said “Saturn in the natal chart is the main significator of karma. If it forms a difficult aspect, especially to the personal planets, this shows difficult karma incurred from bad living, usually from previous life. Saturn was known in western astrology as a malefic planet.It is known to cause delays,frustrations, burdens, suffering.Wherever it is placed in the birthchart difficulties occur.  7th house; personal relationships, 10th; career. etc,etc. No one has a perfect life and Saturn shows the sphere of life where difficulty lies. If well aspected, these difficulties are understood and accepted, and life gives the person tools to deal with negative circumstances, if badly aspected, life will not and the person will find the same themes repeating in their life. This is only a summary”.


Aspects of reality

-Astrology can indicate the Karma from past lives.

2-If this is true then the assumption is that we have lived many lives.

2- It also indicates a universal balance which Karma helps to maintain.

karma 2


Wounds of Karma and how to deal with them

karma 1As I finish my thread on Karma, I come to the (hopefully!) final question. That is, how do we deal with or mitigate any problems in this incarnation caused by our Karma?

As ever, two of my regular readers have given me two interesting possible answers to this one.

Firstly Robina  Hearle said

“The spirit healing team have taught us that in order to progress you have to own up to things you have done in the past. It’s like an itch in your energy field . It certainly will repeat if you do not acknowledge.
To own up to Karmic debts where you have been the cause of great pain through energetic wounds is a beginning of clearing the itch.
To forgive those who have caused you wounds and have karmic debts to you, is a healthy clearing again of another itch.
This  is part of the clearing we do at Unfolding Enlightenment, for this and many previous lives .”

Robina Hearle .


If you remember David Russell said in the “Where Karma is Stored” post on 28th of June, that “Karma is stored in the nervous system in the form of stresses.

He also said ” Meditation — any meditation — is specifically designed to remove stress from the nervous system and, thereby, also the karma. It is said that when all one’s karma has been spent Enlightenment results. And I can believe that. I teach a powerful meditation system but only ever recommend that people meditate twice a day for periods of 20 minutes each time. This is just enough to remove stresses from the nervous system without it making karma fall on you from a high place. Meditation makes karma move faster. And that is always a good thing.”

So you can mitigate Karma in theory..or you can just acknowledge it and let it run its course!

Aspects of Reality

Belief in Karma does presuppose that we have lived before and have been reincarnated.







Does Karma actually exist?

karma 1  When writing or blogging I always like to put all points of view.  Sometimes we just don’t really know the truth of these things.  If I put all points of view then readers are free to  do any further research if they are interested. Sometimes even the discussion leads to new insights.

Anyway, I have to point out that for all my readers that have made positive comments and even given me further information on Karma, they are those who just flatly refuse to believe in it.

FY said..”A load of rubbish, does not exist” The trouble is that to understand the concept you do have to also understand the concepts of a bigger universe than we can see, and to believe in reincarnation.  These are steps that some people just are not happy with.

A more thoughtful response came from JB via  ideapod

“Marian, I actually don’t agree with this. It is a fatalistic view of life. I think we can learn lessons in our life but to take it back to past life karma, takes our responsibility away from our life. I believe we have real power in the present moment and in the way we react to what happens in our life. I think to be self aware and understand why we react to certain situations is key to living a more conscious life.”

Aspects of reality

Some people do not believe is aspects like karma- this is their absolute right.



The reality of where Karma is stored

karma 1 I asked David Russell, one of my most valuable commenters  where he thought Karma was stored. The answer was so interesting that I have reproduced it here, verbatim.

“Where is karma stored? I have a tale to tell. Some years ago, in the Lancet, the renowned journal of the British Medical Association, there was an article about two research projects that had been looking at levels of stress in newly born babies. It had been observed that newly born babies often came into the world with five times the amount of stress in their nervous systems than even the most traumatic birth could produce. It said in the article that research would be undertaken to find out where this stress came from. Not surprisingly when I tried to find the original research papers they had been removed from the Lancet archives and nothing more was ever heard about the up and coming research. When I thought about it I could understand why the Lancet had removed these research papers. It was because the source of this stress could never be pinned on science but only on spirituality. The BMJ does not deal with spiritual matters only scientific ones. This confirmed for me what I had long believed and even experienced. Karma is stored in the nervous system in the form of stresses. You must have wondered why some babies look so stressed. This is the reason. In my experience stress and karma are so similar as to be almost the same thing. On long meditation retreats, when the stress is moving out of the system at a pace, it has always surprised that karma happens at exactly the same pace. Of course, I cannot be sure about any of this but one has to follow ones nose and this where it has led me. Like stress itself, karma is hard to remove, relieve or soften. Meditation — any meditation — is specifically designed to remove stress from the nervous system and, thereby, also the karma. It is said that when all one’s karma has been spent Enlightenment results. And I can believe that. I teach a powerful meditation system but only ever recommend that people meditate twice a day for periods of 20 minutes each time. This is just enough to remove stresses from the nervous system without it making karma fall on you from a high place. Meditation makes karma move faster. And that is always a good thing.”

Aspects of reality

Karma may be stored in the nervous system

Meditate may help remove the stresses thus caused.

Another view of Karma

karma 2As ever, David Russell ( has a wonderful overall view of Karma, not necessarily as an individual thing, but as a universal force. This is on a different scale than I discussed last week.

He says ” Karma is the law of action/reaction. Every action, thought or word produces an effect that vibrates outwards into the Cosmos. When that vibration hits an obstacle it returns to its creator as karma. Karma is an essential and unavoidable element in every life. Most of us call it luck. Karma comes in many shades and colours. It ebbs and flows, sometimes good, sometimes not so good and sometimes (the best times) seemingly not there at all. There is only one way to overcome karma but it is not within the scope of most of us. Nor is there any way to penetrate its depths. Karma is an ineffable and apparently mysterious force within all our lives and the only thing to do is grin and bear it.”

Aspects of reality

Karma is a force bound up fundamentally in our reality.



The reality of Karma- 2

karma 1I have been asked how does Karma work in practice. Well people do have slightly different views, but the essential is that the concept is considered one of the universal laws of wisdom. In particular that of universal harmony and balance.

The standard view seems to be as follows ; On a universal scale, assuming re incarnation, our souls are seeking development acquired from incarnation in our many lives on this and probably other planets. We seek to play out different types of life and experiences good or bad. When we are beyond, un incarnate in body, we make soul contracts to experience life in all its variations. We play different parts, good or bad, and will play both sides of a situation.  When we are born, as blank slates, we forget our agreement and will play out lives reacting to what is thrown at us. Often if we do not get the message, the same patterns will repeat themselves, even with the same people. This continues until we have accepted or forgiven our protagonist or situation. The Karma is then balanced. Universal order is then restored.

This explains why seemingly good people have horrible things, undeserved, happen to them. It may be Karma from a previous life that they have to work through.

Aspects of reality

Karma is a force in our reality, key to maintaining universal order.


The reality of Karma

karma 1 Can that notice be right? Do we all just get what we deserve in life ? How is it that bad things seem to happen to good people sometimes whilst bad people literally  seem to get away with murder? Can life just be all down to luck and chance or is there another factor at work here?



When thinking about reflections of reality, there is another talked about phenomena which is implicit in some other, specially Buddhist and Hindu cultures, that does only really make sense if we do live multiple lives. I am talking about the theory of karma. This involves both the theory of moral causation and a belief in re-incarnation.

There are many slight cultural variations, but generally the thought is that we will be born again after physical death. The nature of this  subsequent life will generally be determined by how we have lived and behaved in this current  one.

Consequences of Karma
Also the theory is that past actions in previous lives can affect us now. Each person is rewarded or punished in this life, according to their previous deeds in others. We often, in our culture, jokingly talk about an action having good karma or bad karma.

Certainly, from my experience, I have observed that people who behave badly do almost always suffer the consequences long term. Even if short term they do seem to get away with it. Vice-versa also seems to apply. It is even more interesting if we are punished or rewarded not in this life but the next. Multiple lives, multiple types of life, rich or poor, lucky or unlucky, male or female. If we believe in re-incarnation, then karma does make sense. It is a method of learning across many lifetimes, and it may indicate why some people seem to have particularly bad or good lives without seeming to particularly deserve them.

Reflections of reality.
The existence of the concept of karma does imply an involved big picture plan of existence.
It also accepts that we live more than once, that part of us goes on after physical death.
It can be seen to challenge though, not the existence of God, but to the concepts of punishment or reward in an afterlife only. It is also a totally different concept from that of the Christian idea of redemption and forgiveness through prayer alone