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How do we know we actually exist?

Do we actually exist?
This is a tricky one, sorry to be quite so heavy, but understanding this is the key to understanding a lot more about our reality and how it functions.
Last time I asked, as energy beings living in an energy matrix, how we knew we were” real” at all. Scary thought but one we should address .This has been debated by philosophers and scientists for thousands of years. The answer is of course, that we only know we exist because we think and are aware. “I think therefore I am”
Interesting enough, we cannot know anyone else exists at all. Interactions with anyone else could be a trick of our brains. All our senses , touch hearing etc, which are the way we make sense of what is around us , are all functions of our brain. Thought comes instantaneously before physical sensation or action. It could be misleading us.
One of the main keys in trying to understand the truth about who and what we are is human consciousness. It is the joker in the pack. Very difficult to pin down but we individually know we have it .It is what makes us us and our vehicle for making sense of the world around us.
The great debate is whether it is one system or two. Whether it is just a function of our physical brains or something else coming in from outside as an add on. If it is the latter, and there is overwhelming anecdotal evidence that that is the case, then it opens up vast possibilities for the big picture of who we actually are and our place in the universe. If our consciousness is separate and separable from our physical body, and can be shown to go on after our physical death, then then the big picture possibilities, who we actually are, and what we are doing here get a whole lot more interesting.
.I always think of life as an interactive video game, after all we are at base energy beings living in an energy matrix, only our consciousness makes us who we are. Life comes down to what game you are playing and what your mission is. Our instincts and hints given by the universe and the deep understanding given by our consciousness’s are the best reflections/insights we have. Unfortunately, at the moment the instruction manuals are beyond our reach!

The Reality of Consciousness after death

As you may know, I am always on the look out further information about the nature of our reality. For me, the strange nature of human consciousness is somehow the key to our understanding of the big picture.

Anyway, I recently found not one but two articles about what happens after brain death, spurred on I think by the popular film ” Flatliners” in which people take themselves to the point of death deliberately to understand what really happens. (more…)

Jung and self manifestation

strange lights People seeing potential alien, UFO’s or just strange things in the sky, are not a new thing. They have been occurring though out the millennia, although often in the past they have been mistaken for Gods. Nowadays  people sometimes presume that they are from other worldly beings,  but there may be a completely different explanation. Some of them could actually be our own top secret  planes or experiments. There are other possibilities though.

 For instance, the famous psychoanalyst Jung, writing over 50 years ago, along with many modern thinkers today, pointed out that there may be an unseen link between consciousness and matter. In other words we may be manifesting some of those strange phenomena. Either ourselves, or though the collective unconscious.

Aspects of reality

1- There may be a link between consciousness and matter.

2- Some reported phenomena may come from our collective unconscious.




The reality of A different way of thinking

thinking machineOn a long journey recently my satnav seemed to become annoyed with me. There were road closures and it was desperately trying to send us back the way we had come, to the closed roads. The instructions it then gave us amounted almost to  “sort yourselves out then”. When we stopped it flew out of the car door, almost suicidally.

This led to the discussion about whether complex machines had some sort of consciousness.

A few days later I happened to watch a film about Alan Turing and his work on the enigma machine. When asked if he thought if machines could think he said, “Just because machines cannot think as people do, does not mean that they cannot think”. Also,” Just because something is thinking differently from you does not mean it is not thinking”.

This made me think anyway. Not only to be nice to your mechanical objects, they may be more conscious than you think, but also this may apply to any aliens in our world. Could we actually understand each other if our thinking patterns were so different.

Aspect of reality

Just because something is thinking differently from you does not mean it is not thinking. Are we really the only intelligent or conscious beings in our reality?


The nature of consciousness



When you begin to explore the nature of our reality, looking at the science as well as all the esoteric material, you begin to come across topics that science either does not touch or is unable to yet come up with any proper explanation for. These are often the super clues that indicate a layer of existence beyond that of our physical  material world.

The first of these, and the topic that actually first both intrigued me and began my personal journey towards trying to understand reality, is the nature of consciousness, firstly on a human scale and then globally.

In January and February I did a lot on consciousness and  posted on several different aspects of it. Check back if you are interested. This post looks at the topic again but from a different angle. That is, consciousness as the super clue to the nature of us and our reality.

Individual consciousness

Briefly, consciousness is the part of us that is aware and thinking. The question always asked is it just part of a human physical brain ? Or is it something else, an add on, coming from elsewhere? If it is the former then that may indicate that we are just accidental results of random evolutionary processes. If it is the latter and consciousness can be seen  be working alongside our physical brain, separable but in harmony with it, then the big picture possibilities of realities beyond the physical are immense. If part of us can be seen to go on after physical death then there must be somewhere for us to go. Reams or dimensions unseen must exist.  Proof, non scientific but substantial, exists in existence of phenomena such as out of body and near death experiences, past life memories, the existence of ghosts and the abilities that some people have to communicate with the dead. Some people would even see this consciousness as another name for the human soul.

Global consciousness

There are several fascinating theories concerning the nature of consciousness globally;

  • There is small but growing belief in the concept of biocentrism. That is the theory that consciousness preceded creation and not the other way around.
  • There is a theory consciousness exists in every particle of the universe. What does that say about the big picture of existence?
  • Max Planck believed that there was no reason why the atoms of the universe hold together to become mass. Behind creation there must be an intelligent mind or designer (GOD).
  • We are all part of a collective consciousness that has created the world.
  • Our individual consciousness’s  are all  neurons in a global brain.

Super reality

Consciousness then can be seen to give us tantalizing hints or clues to concepts beyond that of our physical reality.

Firstly, all we can say in conclusion is that we seem to be not just biological beings, but can exist after physical death in some form and somewhere. This  also gives us clues that other dimensions or levels of creation must exist.

Secondly, this separate consciousness, or essence, could be considered our soul. Whether or not it is the conventional religious soul is another matter.

Thirdly, a larger, global, consciousness seems to be behind our physical creation. Whether this is a God or intelligent designer, or ourselves at another level remains to be seen.

These are not answers, but merely super clues to a reality we suspect is there but cannot see or  yet detect.

What do you think?



Collective Consciousness

red-question-markLast week, in what was to be my final final post about human consciousness, I explained about the Global Brain Project. This involves all individual consciousness, that we as humans have, linking together at certain time every week, in a meditative state, to positively alter things on a global scale.

Some people believe that another of looking at this is that we are feeding into, and upgrading, the human collective consciousness. (more…)

The global brain

red-atom-icon As always happens, when I start a thread in my blog about any subject, input from readers  brings new and relevant information to the discussion, which then leads to even more blog posts!!! The last few weeks have been concerned with the fascinating topic of human consciousness, which I feel is the ultimate key to understanding our reality and what and who we really are. A further new twist on this topic has recently being brought to my attention. That is the Global Brain Project which looks at consciousness on a different level, that is globally. (more…)

Another slant on consciousness


 Having thought that I had finished with my consciousness theme, yet  another interesting slant on the whole thing came to my attention.  Consciousness is a vital clue in our search for the truth about reality. It may be as mistake, though, just to  think of it just as something that happens in our physical brains. There are many who believe it  concerns  not only who we are as individuals on this Earth but who we are at deeper levels and who we are  as cosmic beings. (more…)

Consciousness as a key to understanding who we actually are.


purple-question-markThe reality we exist in seems many layered and complex. As limited human beings we struggle to make sense of the true big picture. Who made us? What are we actually doing here? Could we really be only random accidents of evolutionary forces? The consensus seems to be that an understanding of the nature of human consciousness seems to be an important key to understanding this conundrum. Science, philosophy, and religion all have their views on what consciousness is. Where it comes from is a different and more interesting matter. (more…)

A different slant on consciousness

red-question-mark Human consciousness is  one of the great mysteries of life. It is difficult to accurately define, and also the only way that we know we exist and are  human. There are those that think consciousness, or awareness, exists only as a bi -product of the evolution of the human brain, and there are those that feel it is both too complex and not evolutionary necessary for this to be the case. This theory sees consciousness as add on, coming in from elsewhere, that continues on after the death of the physical body. This is a very old argument that has adherents on both sides.

Recently though, I have come across information that, if accurate, puts a whole new slant on the subject.