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Human Input Into creation?

sub atomicparticles I have explained before about the quantum field of light that we live in and are part of. These posts are to be found in the category the SCIENCE OF REALITY zero point fields sub category. In The field explained I touched on constant exchange of energy through Zero point field and also the essential interconnectedness of everything as demonstrated by the phenomena of non locality. In quantum mechanics though there is one more exciting concept that, if followed through logically, is mind blowing. Put simplistically, this is the fact that the input of an observer can decide what form a particle finally takes.

Individual sub atomic particles have seemingly endless possibilities of form and position in time and space. They only settle on one, though, when observed or measured. What does this actually mean? This actually means that the consciousness of the observer brings the particle into set being. So one one level we can be said to be continually creating our own reality.

Scientist would say that on a day to day basis this only affects the quantum world not the seemingly solid “real” day to day world. Others argue that these particles are the basic building blocks of the ” real” world and cannot be viewed separately. ( Is this why prayer, spells and intention work? )

Anyway, in this way consciousness can be seen to be integral to creation. Whether it is ours or that of a supreme being is another matter.

Aspects of reality

Consciousness seem integral to creation.

The reality of seeing the beginning of time

One of the most enduring and unanswerable questions concerning our reality is that of our true beginnings. What did happen in the moments after the so called big bang? Could we really have our origins in the energy that exploded out from a singularity all those billions of years ago? Did this big bang actually happen, or were our origins quite different?  Whatever our best guesses these questions have always been impossible to actually answer.


Why does it matter if God exists or not?

I came across an article called “Is the brain hardwired for God?” in the online newsletter, The Big Think, sometime ago. I always save these interesting snippets for suitable times. Quite heavy duty scientist and researchers seem to participate  these newsletter debates, and I am always pleased that some of the  topics, especially those on the nature of  human consciousness,  are taken so  seriously in mainstream science. These studies often throw interesting light on the search for the real understanding of reality and our place in it.


Reality-evolution vesus creationism

When looking at aspects of reality, where everything in the universe actually came from is a vital question. The origins of man, whether we arrived here as a result of evolutionary forces or were designed by some sort of God or designer, is a source of fierce contention in some circles. Given that the scientific evidence is building that we, and all around us, may actually in fact be nothing more than holograms, it may seem a less relevant question than it was. In our search for aspects of reality it is worth just looking at though. The debate always was, was the earth and all on it created by a designer, in particular our God, or is the universe, and life just a random accident. Is there a case for old fashioned creationism? (more…)

The reality of creation-good and evil

When we look for the truth of the aspects of reality in our lives, we do have to consider whether it is possibility that the conventional Christian God could actually exist. We do live, after all, in a multidimensional universe, anything may be possible. Bound up with the belief in the existence of our God, there are the concepts of good and evil. If good and evil can be shown to exist, then that may indicate that the concept of a traditional supreme being itself cannot be so easily dismissed. The problem of course is in the human definition of these concepts. (more…)

Theories of reality-the case for God

When looking at how our universe came into being, we can only puzzle over what that creation means for the truth of reality. If you may remember, one of the possibilities I looked at was that we were created by a supreme being or God. Many people, all over the world believe in a God, a creator of us and the world and everything in it. A substantial number of people believe in our Christian God. That is the God of the Old and New Testament. Is there a case for this God? (more…)

Realities of creation-dust to Earth

When looking at the reality of creation theories, we have to ask what happened after the Big Bang. After the stars were formed, including our sun, some acquired planets. How did this happen? How did our own planet earth come into being, and become the planet able to sustain life, that it is today. (more…)

Reality of creation theories -the big bang

Science tells us that all of creation and reality  began with a so called Big Bang. From a point , or singularity, energy is supposed to have exploded outwards into otherwise empty space. This happened 13-14 billion years ago. The energy became matter and is still traveling outwards, expanding away, from this point. All the stars and galaxies are even now rushing away from each other. This is at a uniform speed that can be measured today. Although I certainly always visualized a the bang at a central point in the universe, there is also a theory that it happened everywhere in the universe at the same time.


Reality of creation theories-the alternatives

As well the more conventional theories about creation and reality, there are also many interesting variations and alternatives. Other cultures than ours also, of course, have their own creation myths. Whilst the scientific theories seem accepted on a world wide basis, there are obvious differences on the religious and cultural theories about the origins of the universe. There are sometimes strong similarities to our own, however. (more…)

The reality of creation

Where did everything in our physical universe come from? From where did our physical reality spring from? The answer is, of course, no one actually knows for sure. What ever discoveries are made by scientists and explorers, the interpretation of these finds are limited by the tools available now. Although the finest minds propose theories, which are considered sound by current understanding, we can never be wholly sure that our information or interpretations are accurate. The most fundamental assumptions may be challenged by new discoveries in science. Sometimes it even seems to contradict what has been held as fact before. After all the finest minds once thought that the earth was flat. Although that sounds ridiculous to us, some of the theories we hold today, may be considered just as silly in the future.