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The reality of who we are-4

In my last few posts, looking at who and what we actually are, I have been talking about the fact that we are, at base, nothing more than energy beings living in an energy matrix. I have also hinted that we may well be either holograms or a computer simulation. (Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX certainly thinks we are!)


The reality of the brain as a computer-2

Just as I was thinking about the reality of how the human brain is supposed to work, (see The reality of the brain as a computer-1), the web site THE BIG THINK had an interesting article on that very subject.

My thinking  concerned the question of whether our brains could be said to just function in the same way as a sort of organic computer. The article said that  some cognitive computer scientist still think this  is a useful theory for how the human mind works. Others think that, although the computer like functions are a useful way of describing how the brain absorbs information, they fall short when dealing with the fundamentally human skills of thinking and consciousness.


The reality of the brain as a computer -1

Although great strides have been made in understanding how our brain actually works, it is still overall a great mystery. The main puzzle seems to be that of  how conscious thought can arise out of mere firing neurons and synapses. In many ways, the brain has been compared with an organic computer. Certainly, it organises and co-ordinates our bodies as efficiently as one. Why can it also think, whilst computers cannot? This interesting conundrum, though, is highlighted by the study of  so called artificial intelligence. (A.I.)


The reality of decoding brain waves

Do you ever wonder where our thoughts come from? They are, of course, generated within our  physical brains. The interesting thing, though, is that these thoughts are just manifestations of bio energy. That is, the body chemistry is utilized to make electrical charges, through which information travels. We are electrically powered. Our thoughts, at a basic level, are a form of energy, or brain waves. (more…)