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The reality of pre planning our lives

Was talking to Toby about meeting people throughout your life that you know instinctively that you have encountered in another incarnation. They are people that you feel an instant connection with, and recognition of, although you have never met before. The theory of it is that you tend to incarnate with the same souls. Often playing different roles in each other’s lives. I started to list them, and realised that some of them had been pivotal in my life, pushing me in the right direction, or leading on to further contacts that did. Some I have enabled to fulfil their mission and now I am being enabled to fulfil mine.


Anyway, what struck me was the amount of preplanning that had obviously gone in to my life from another dimension. That it was not all chance. Sometimes we forget that we have chosen our lives. We have chosen situations, good or bad, to experience. We also have Karma to work out, over several lifetimes sometimes. In practice is it so easy to lose sight of the big picture of why we are here and get enmeshed in the difficulties of actually living.


So, look up to the big picture when the nitty gritty gets to you. It was all in general terms planned, even though we are born with a blank slate and cannot remember. Notice the nudges and enjoy yourselves around the margins, and soldier on. It will all become clear in the end.


More thoughts on lives between lives

candle What does happen to us between lives? The diagram  about the life cycle of death and rebirth, that I posted last time ( Evidence of what happens between lives? ) seemed to be met with general agreement by most of my readers that commented. Of course there are many different views, across many cultures and faiths. The truth is that we cannot be absolutely sure until we ourselves get there.

David Russell ( put a slightly different perspective on the subject. As I understand him, he sees part of our consciousness going on after death, but not necessarily all of us. Although we cannot really know, we probably re join the greater consciousness before being reincarnated.

He said “Each of us is like a candle lit from a larger flame. We burn until the wick is exhausted and then we go out. The larger flame, however, goes on forever. Our rebirth happens as another candle is lit from that larger flame. Essentially it is all the same flame.”

Aspects of reality

The enduring puzzle of life continuing after physical death, shows us that our physical reality is only part of the story.



Life cycle of death

between livesAs ever, as soon as I embark on a topic reader input makes it expand and expand. My simple question that, given reincarnation as as fact, what happens between lives, unleashed a torrent of comment and experience.

I found this interesting graphic on the internet which sums up all I have been told about life between lives beautifully.Unfortunately I could find no indication of the author.

Anyway, the cycle is said to go like this;


Liberation from body

Welcome by passed loved ones

Meeting with soul group

Meeting with council of elders (to discuss soul progression)

Healing and restoration

Next life selection


I will look at some of these stages in more depth in the future. Would love your input as ever though.

Aspects of reality

The enduring puzzle of life continuing after physical death, shows us that our physical reality is only part of the story.


Evidence of what happens between lives?

between lives 2

Last week I asked, given that we almost have certainly lived more than once, if anyone had any views of what happened between lives.

I had two particularly interesting replies.

Firstly, Jackie said that

“My Grandmother in spirit showed me a place that sort of looked like a rest home, she was among friends, there was no illness and there was much happiness and they seem to dance, listen to music, play games. But I am also aware that she spends time on the earthly plane with family members who are hurting/struggling with illness or distress caused by other peoples behavior. Though they can be near the people they love and can try to comfort them, they cannot directly intervene, but she was able to ask me to intervene. Not sure why I can ask God/Angels to heal others but those in spirit cannot, but it seems that that is the way it is.”

Secondly, Paul said

“After a Near Death Experience at the age of 10 I believe we go to a “clearing house” of sorts that enables us to review our previous life & decide where & when to go next.
I firmly believe that we can not only reincarnate on this world & timeline but anywhere else in the multiverse.”

Aspects of reality

Some people have visions or insight into places between lives. This can be seen as evidence for higher dimensions and a multi life existence.




What happens between lives?

Dreams are created one choice at a time

Having talked at length about Karma and touched on re-incarnation, the obvious question the began to stare me in the face. What does happen between lives? Where do we actually go?

I looked at Sylvia Browne’s Levels of Creation. She spoke, if I remember, of 7 levels. Ranging from the lowest (Hell?) to the highest (divine). I also studied the account channeled back by a high ranking catholic priest, who realized after death that he was completely wrong. His account did not fundamentally disagree with Sylvia, although it was from his personal experience of the next level up from Earth. You can move up or down the levels according to your spiritual progress apparently.

Others talk about a rest and recuperation period in a sort of hospital place, especially if their lives, or end of their lives were traumatic.

This topic is completely beyond science or even anecdotal proof.


Aspects of reality

Some people have visions or insight into places between lives. This can be seen as evidence for higher dimensions and a multi life existence.

Life in the world unseen

red-question-markOne of the topics to be covered in my next book is the fascinating topic of what really happens when we die. What happens to us as individual souls? What actually exists up there in the unseen dimensions beyond? What does what is there, give us in the way of super clues into the true big picture of creation and the real reason for our existence and life on Earth? It is mind boggling just to think of the questions- let alone to know where to get the answers from.

Life in the world unseen

As I began my research, someone passed on to me the wonderful book, Life in the world unseen (thanks Patricia Vitins). It is a detailed description of the afterlife, as given to a medium, Anthony Borgia, by a long dead Catholic priest Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson. I have yet to read the body of it, or compare it with more modern accounts, but there were sentiments expressed in one of the opening chapters that I thought encapsulated perfectly the problems with most organized religion, and were food for thought, today.

Universal truths

Although holding to, and teaching, the Catholic doctrines Msnr Benson did have visitations from spirit. He found this physic facility difficult and disturbing as the teachings of the Church were that these experiences were the work of the Devil. He knew this to be wrong, but to admit to it would entail a severe upheaval in his comfortable life and a ruination of his writing career and reputation. After death he then saw this as a great wasted opportunity. “The truth was within my grasp and I let it fall”. How often do we see or understand things which do not conform to our religion or world view yet say nothing for the same reasons? Always staying within our comfort zone may turn out to be the greatest and most regrettable mistake we could make.

He understood after death that the creeds and doctrines that he had upheld and taught were irrelevant, or even wrong, because they have no applications to the great world of spirit and to the Creator and Upholder of it all. “ Orthodoxy (religious mainstream beliefs) is man made, but the universe is God given”.

Different religious creeds have always fought or vilified each other over what will turn out to be irrelevant differences. Too much time is spent arguing about doctrinal differences which could be spent in making our world a better place.There are many ways to God or to spirit. Also, often man made cultural overlays will distort the original message. How true this is today.

Wonderful universal truths, and a great start to my research…what do you think?


Consciousness, heaven and a surprised scientist

As regular readers may remember, the truth about the real nature of our consciousness has been a subject of great interest to me and one that I have come back to time and time again in my posts.

The great question has always been, is human consciousness just a biological bi- product of our physical human brain, or is it something else? Is it something that comes in from somewhere else and then continues after physical death? Is it one system or two?

Or does it end when we die? Is death the end of us or is there an afterlife, somewhere we go after death?


The reality of reincarnation


Despite what the mainstream of society may think, I am personally sure we have lived before. Our consciousness, essence or soul, whatever you want to call it, seems to leave our physical body at the point of death.  Sometimes it comes back to inhabit a different body, and live a different life in the future. We can only speculate as to why this should happen, and what aspects of reality are indicated by the phenomenon. (more…)

Re-incarnation- adult evidence

How can we possibly know we have lived before? What actual evidence is there?  We have looked at the evidence from children (see post reincarnation-anecdotal evidence from children). Many adults also feel strongly that they have lived before.  There seems to be two main ways of accessing information from past lives. One involves old memories partially bleeding through into our present consciousness, the other involves being helped to access these memories by specialist professionals. (more…)

Re-incarnation-anecdotal evidence from children

It is very hard to prove  that we do live many times. All we can say is, that in establishing a possible mechanism in the continuation of  some  vital part of us after physical  death (see posts on  spirits and ghosts, near death and out of body experiences) we cannot rule it out completely. As we are supposed to be born with no memory of past lives, it should be impossible to even come up with any evidence at all. In practice, however, there seems to be some traces of past lives sometimes bleeding through into out present ones. It is in these bleed throughs that we can find some anecdotal evidence of this aspect of  reality. There are many examples given on the internet, but below are just a few concerning children that have come to my attention. (more…)