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Mind over body


On a day to day basis we underestimate the power of our human consciousness to affect our physical reality.

For instance, my yoga teacher told us an interesting story at class recently. She related the tale of a women that had done a lot of yoga throughout her life and then became wheelchair bound. The woman continued attending class in her wheelchair and simply visualized herself doing the exercises. Her body was found to have benefited, as if she had done the class.

A fairy story? Or an indication of how powerful the human mind can actually be.

Aspect of reality

Our human mind/ consciousness can affect or change our physical reality.

The reality of us- mind and body conundrum part 2

To recap; the reality of the  complex, conscious  human mind, is that it is theoretically  generated only from the actual gray cells in our physical brains. Some people think it is just a result of the evolutionary process which made us the higher animals we are. Other people think differently. They feel that the part of our mind, above and beyond that which just manages our physical body, is too complex to have occurred naturally. They believe that the part of our mind that enables us to be conscious self aware and think abstract thoughts, is a separate system. It comes into the body at birth or soon after and leaves the physical body after death. The fundamental question is then; Is it one system or two? Mind and brain, or mind/brain? There are compelling arguments on both sides.


The reality of us – one system or two? The mind/body conundrum

Our minds are individual to us. These minds some how seem to create a consciousness or awareness of ourselves. They are what separates us from those around us. They are  a vital part of who we are as people. It is what makes us human. The interesting, and age old, questions seem to be; Is this mind just a biological function of the physical brain? Part of who we are as Homo Sapiens ? Are mind and body just one system? Or is the mind /consciousness part of us an add on to the physical body? Can our thinking and aware mind be seen to be something separate from our animal brain? (more…)