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The reality of animal communication

Whatever the truth about the levels of animal consciousness, (see previous post, the reality of animal consciousness), many people will maintain that they have some sort of direct communication with their pets. How could this be possible?


The reality of animal consciousness

If you may remember from previous posts, mostly last May ( The reality of us-mind body conundrum, parts1 &2, A question of consciousness the ultimate reality, Who do we think we are, a question of reality), I discussed what makes us human beings, different from the other animals around us on Earth. The answer was, of course, our human consciousness. That means generally our thinking and aware mind. This  is the part of the mind that is  separate from the automatic, body organising, part of our brains. It makes our decisions and is responsible for our imagination and any abstract thoughts we might have. It is how we are aware we are alive.  It is considered to be  what makes us us. (more…)