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Are we being controlled- the eternal battle

alien good versus evilMy many discussions with the people that have been investigating the concept of alien contact and intervention has  thrown up several disturbing concepts which need further investigation.

1- That humanity was genetically altered by aliens for its own purposes at the beginning of our time.

2-That humanity is and always has been controlled, covertly, by our alien masters in disguise or by their representatives. We are actually not as free as we think we are.

3-That there are alien races that are working in our best interests and they are trying to help humanity counter those that are not.

4- We may actually be a virtual reality programme, and either side may have hacked in to the others game.

All very disturbing concepts- don’t you think.

Aspects of reality

1- That we may being controlled by aliens who do not have our best interests at heart.

2-That we may being monitored by aliens  who are here to help us.

3-That we may be just virtual reality anyway.

4- It may be a case of the eternal good versus evil scenario.



Mind over body


On a day to day basis we underestimate the power of our human consciousness to affect our physical reality.

For instance, my yoga teacher told us an interesting story at class recently. She related the tale of a women that had done a lot of yoga throughout her life and then became wheelchair bound. The woman continued attending class in her wheelchair and simply visualized herself doing the exercises. Her body was found to have benefited, as if she had done the class.

A fairy story? Or an indication of how powerful the human mind can actually be.

Aspect of reality

Our human mind/ consciousness can affect or change our physical reality.

Jung and self manifestation

strange lights People seeing potential alien, UFO’s or just strange things in the sky, are not a new thing. They have been occurring though out the millennia, although often in the past they have been mistaken for Gods. Nowadays  people sometimes presume that they are from other worldly beings,  but there may be a completely different explanation. Some of them could actually be our own top secret  planes or experiments. There are other possibilities though.

 For instance, the famous psychoanalyst Jung, writing over 50 years ago, along with many modern thinkers today, pointed out that there may be an unseen link between consciousness and matter. In other words we may be manifesting some of those strange phenomena. Either ourselves, or though the collective unconscious.

Aspects of reality

1- There may be a link between consciousness and matter.

2- Some reported phenomena may come from our collective unconscious.




The reality of A different way of thinking

thinking machineOn a long journey recently my satnav seemed to become annoyed with me. There were road closures and it was desperately trying to send us back the way we had come, to the closed roads. The instructions it then gave us amounted almost to  “sort yourselves out then”. When we stopped it flew out of the car door, almost suicidally.

This led to the discussion about whether complex machines had some sort of consciousness.

A few days later I happened to watch a film about Alan Turing and his work on the enigma machine. When asked if he thought if machines could think he said, “Just because machines cannot think as people do, does not mean that they cannot think”. Also,” Just because something is thinking differently from you does not mean it is not thinking”.

This made me think anyway. Not only to be nice to your mechanical objects, they may be more conscious than you think, but also this may apply to any aliens in our world. Could we actually understand each other if our thinking patterns were so different.

Aspect of reality

Just because something is thinking differently from you does not mean it is not thinking. Are we really the only intelligent or conscious beings in our reality?


A slightly different view of the Reality of Angels

cosmic gridMy study of the existence  of Angels has given me many insights into their reality. What ever aspect I looked at, the presumption was that they were separate beings from us. For many people, though, this concept is not necessarily true.

For instance, Sarah works with Angels and Ascended Masters. She said “All that exists within our reality is part of one consciousness. All beings, no matter what their kind, are acting together as one to create a consciousness that creates experiences which increase the knowledge and growth of all.”

So in some ways the separation between us and them is an illusion. We are all part of one whole, all with our parts to play.

Aspects of reality

Angels may be generated by us all as part of our collective consciousness.


The universe in an atom, Vincentes words

zero point fieldIt is always fascinating to hear other people’s first hand experiences of spiritual revelations, or other worldly visions. When I asked if anyone had any to share. I had some wonderful replies. The following came from Vicente via G+. I was going to condense it, but it is so beautiful and profound that I have just published it in his own words.

“When I was 14 years old, I was looking at the stars and was very relaxed.
It was like my mind just started to roam the around the universe and went out side of the universe to the point of seeing multiple universes. It did not stop there, I kept going until all the universes were coming together to appear as one point of light. Then i started to see other points of light that were moving and light was all around me. This light also permeated what I thought at the time, my body. It felt comforting, like being in the womb.
These points of moving light were getting closer and bigger, as this happened, I was seeing things that to explain in words can not be done.
Some of it could be explained, the moving points of light began to pickup speed as they drew near. This is when I realized, that I was seeing the inner workings of an atom, an atom that contained all of the universes in our immense neighborhood of space. Then I heard a voice say,” continued expansion as you experienced thus far would only repeat this process again. This answers your question about infinity.” I asked if I was in an atom. A reply came back: “Yes, and it is the same in your reality, an atom contains more life than you may estimate.”  At this point I was speechless due to the awe of the sight and what I had heard. Then I was apparently shown what was meant by the answer to my question. I felt a sensation of shrinking, what i was seeing was the reverse of what happened to get to where I was. I felt sorrow I think because I did not want to leave there yet because it was beautiful. I was returning to where I had started, but kept going in the direction of being smaller and smaller. things starting looking huge, things like cells, then molecules and finally the atom. before I knew it, I was inside the atom while it was expanding outwards incredibly fast, the same thing was witnessed as before but in reverse. this kept on until universes started to appear, then galaxies, then individual stars. I even noticed that planets started to appear that looked familiar, because they were. I was traveling back towards earth and landed right back where I was and before me, was me laying there looking at the stars.”

Aspects of reality

In dreams or mediation it may be possible to leave the physical body and see what is actually there in our universe.


Are we all just playing a part?

multiple peopleA close loved one died recently and I was again struck how different family members and friends remember the same person. It seems that not only do we change and grow (or shrink) with age, but that different people either see, or bring out, different sides of the same person.

I then took this to a higher level and realised that the loved one was probably actually playing a part in this incarnation. That he was probably never the person I thought he was. He was as he was because I needed him to be that way for my own development. Is this actually true of us all? We may be basically playing the interactive video game of life  after all.

Aspects of reality

In some sense we are all actors in each others lives. It may be more of a cosmic plan than we are aware of.


Why we are here?

question earth  We can probably never really know what is going on in this reality of ours. Though my blogs, books and Facebook group and page (Aspects of Reality) I am trying to share the insights that have come to my attention about the true nature of our reality. I do not have all the answers, but all I am trying to do  is give people the tools, ideas and structure do their own thinking on these matters.  I also learn a lot from reader feedback and comments, which often set me off on a new train of thought or research.(Thank you)

I have come to the end, for now, of my thread about what happens when we die and leave our physical bodies, but I recently came across some wisdom that made me really think. It came down to a simple question that sometimes gets forgotten- why are we born in the first place?  What is the point of this Earthly life?

Well we cannot be really sure until we get to the next level, and understand the real big picture. Some people would say it is a matter of faith, but it comes down to, I believe, seeking experience of all possible variations of life and the subsequent spiritual development. It is a question we do not ask ourselves enough though, as we work our way through this incarnation.

Aspects of reality

Questions that are not asked enough, why are we born in the first place?  What is the point of this Earthly life? If we could properly answer that we would be able to understand the big picture of our reality.


Differing aspects of us

multiple peopleA friend of ours has recently acquired a lovely new partner. He was always very sound and good hearted, but as it has been remarked upon in the wider friendship circle, he seems to have become much nicer open and generally more friendly. Almost a new man. His late wife was a wonderful woman, but X has brought out a softer, nicer side to his personality.

This made me think how many differing aspects that we all have to our personalities. Several different people are probably inside us. The personalities that we develop, in our interactive reality, depend more than we think on who we interact with and our circumstance in life.On which aspects are brought out. Not only that but friends at the opposite end of the spectrum may see almost completely different people.

Anyway, just another example of the absolute fluidity of our reality in practice. We cannot even really be sure of who, as people, we or our friends really are.

What do you think?


More thoughts on lives between lives

candle What does happen to us between lives? The diagram  about the life cycle of death and rebirth, that I posted last time ( Evidence of what happens between lives? ) seemed to be met with general agreement by most of my readers that commented. Of course there are many different views, across many cultures and faiths. The truth is that we cannot be absolutely sure until we ourselves get there.

David Russell ( put a slightly different perspective on the subject. As I understand him, he sees part of our consciousness going on after death, but not necessarily all of us. Although we cannot really know, we probably re join the greater consciousness before being reincarnated.

He said “Each of us is like a candle lit from a larger flame. We burn until the wick is exhausted and then we go out. The larger flame, however, goes on forever. Our rebirth happens as another candle is lit from that larger flame. Essentially it is all the same flame.”

Aspects of reality

The enduring puzzle of life continuing after physical death, shows us that our physical reality is only part of the story.