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The reality of universal and spiritual energies

In looking at some of aspects of reality that make up our world, science has served us very well. To really understand what sort of creatures we actually are though, we have to move beyond science into the realms of the scientifically unprovable esoteric theories.  We are getting into stranger and stranger territory!!!!

As before mentioned, on a purely scientific level we are beings, at base, made of nothing more than pinches of energy and we live in an energy matrix. (see post –The reality of living in the energy matrix.

But as I have hinted at, beyond that some people believe that these physical measurable energies are not the whole story. (more…)

The reality of our human energy bodies

When talking about what we are as human beings, it has to be remembered that, on one level, we are in fact beings made of nothing more than energy. Seemingly solid, the atoms that we are made of are at base nothing more than pinches of energy themselves. Also, the constant biochemical energies of  our bodily functions  also generate electrical traces. Our thoughts and emotions are also nothing more than biochemical energy. These traces can all be detected. They can be photographed by special sensitive cameras. They can also be physically seen by those sensitive to such things. These traces are called auras. Auras are the egg shaped energy fields that surround our physical bodies and can be used by some as a diagnostic and healing tool.

The sort of energy body that we are discussing in my sixth aspect of reality do not particularly concern only these physical energies. They refer to something much deeper. They refer to the multiple unseen energy bodies that  we are all said to possess and some feel are vital to our existence as human beings. Their very existence is  indicative of a much bigger picture of  a universal  structure that is said to exist, probably beyond our mortal understanding.


The reality of the Hara

One of the very interesting new (to me) concepts beyond science that I came across when researching my book (Aspects of Reality– a users guide to the universe) was that of something called the hara.

What actually is it supposed to be? The hara, I am told, is an ancient concept used in many Easten traditions, ancient and modern.  The word means  ‘sea of energy’. The theory states that this hara, embedded in our energy or subtle bodies, acts as  a link or portal  connecting us to the  universal etheric energy field which is said to surround our planet. (more…)

Sixth aspect of reality- energy or spirit bodies

Having spent the last few months looking at some of the insights into the aspects of reality that science gives us, I felt it was time to look at some of the interesting stuff that science cannot yet throw any light on.

My sixth aspect of reality then concerns our spirit dimensions, which many people believe  co-exist along side our physical bodies and help them to function.

Sixth Aspect of Reality

Along side our physical bodies we have a many layered spirit body. The first layer works along side our physical body to help maintain its systems and integrity. This energy body is linked into the universal energy fields by something called the hara. We receive energy through the hara. Some people would go further and say that we grow and develop to an energy blue print, designed before birth.

It is this spirit body that healers use to heal.

If these things actually exist, what sort of big picture of reality would this indicate?




Fourth aspect of reality-energy bodies

The fourth aspect of reality that I have  identified concerns the  spiritual, or energy, aspect  of humanity . We are not just biological beings. We have consciousness, or an essence, which some would call a soul. Some say we even have an  energy body. These energy bodies can be shown to exist along side our physical animal bodies. Our soul or  consciousness can been seen to over ride the computer like functions of our genetically determined brain. (more…)