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After many years of posting regularly about all of the reality topics that I have covered in both my books, Aspects of Reality- a user’s guide to the universe, and Super Clues to reality, I have decided to make this an archive resource for all that are interested in the nature of our reality.

There are 365 posts about subjects from Angels to zero point field. It have looked at the science of reality, who and what as humans we really are, consciousness, prediction, manifestation, healing, other beings in our reality with us, life after death, karma and the unseen world around us.

Click on the categories and enjoy.  I also give talks on what I have click on the pages to find out more about me and my books and talks.

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Archive resource

As you may have noticed as I am editing and fine tuning my latest book- SUPER CLUES TO REALITY- I am no longer updating this web site weekly, as I have done for the last several years. However it is a valuable resource for all those looking to understand all aspects that make up our reality.

You can either access categories through the drop down menu at the top of the page, or click on an individual topics via the side bar. Any questions or comments still welcomed. Please enjoy!

The reality of seeing the super clues

Whatever the mainstream may think, the truth is that our reality is teeming with energy (healing or manifesting) and energy beings (angels, orbs and nature spirits to name just a few). Most of which seem to be here to help the Earth and humanity.

The old question is then, why don’t we all see them? Well, it is on one level a factor of different quality of sense organs, some people are just more sensitive and open. The other factor concerns how our brain deals with what our eyes see, how it organises the information.

Children often see things that they should not but are trained out of it. We all are to a certain extent. There is also the problem of categorising what we do see. Sometimes we think we have imagined things that are actually really there.

This all came home to me when I was writing my thread about orbs. I realised that I had
seen some but had not known what they were and thought I must have been dreaming! I then trawled my memories for other clues to the true nature of reality that I had seen all along. To my surprise I came up with several, including the one that started me on my life long quest to make sense of the true picture of our reality. Next time I will tell you what they were, but I would love to hear about any you may have.

Publishing news

Aspects of reality a user’s guide to the universe

Just had a long talk to my publisher, Ian Thorpe, about publishing my next book, Further Aspects of Reality.

Archive Publishing specializes in transpersonal books. Psychology, understanding the soul, expanding the consciousness and other exciting interdimensional or spiritual titles.
My first book Aspects of Reality is to be found in his talkingstick category. So check out his fascinating website.
0044(O)1258 450404

Exciting news

For all those who are wondering why I have not posted lately, the answer is that I am embarking on a whole new upgrade of my site.

Not only will you be able to access the reality topics you are interested in more easily, but I will be also seeking to cover the topics in more depth.

I have exciting original research planned already.

Watch this new look web site is coming soon.