Collective Consciousness

red-question-markLast week, in what was to be my final final post about human consciousness, I explained about the Global Brain Project. This involves all individual consciousness, that we as humans have, linking together at certain time every week, in a meditative state, to positively alter things on a global scale.

Some people believe that another of looking at this is that we are feeding into, and upgrading, the human collective consciousness.

Amongst the feedback I received was a very good point made by CC who pointed out that when we shift things positively within ourselves we are raising our vibration. This itself is feeding into the collective consciousness in quite a significant way. She also stated that this is why it is so important to have these Buddhist monks and similar in communities in the world as they bring balance to the collective consciousness and play a vital role in raising the vibration of the world. Everything we release and learn feeds into the collective helping many others at a lower vibration.

This was a very good point, but gave rise to a burning question. Are we doing though mediation what others have always done though prayer? Or by spells or intention? What, if anything,is the difference? What do you think?


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