Communicating with the dead- mediums

We all, at sometime or another, wonder what happens to us when we die. Is that the end of things? If not, where could our souls, or spirits, go after death? Could there actually be other unseen dimensions around us? Could there be somewhere for the spirits of the departed to go to? If so, what big picture could this illuminate? What clues or proofs are available to settle these questions either way?

Departures and dimensions and communications

One of the proofs offered to bolster the case that we live in a multi dimensional universe, and that life on earth is just part of a bigger picture, is the fact that some people seem to be able to communicate with the dead. This seems to happen both on an individual and institutional basis. The general belief seems to be, that on leaving the physical body the soul/essence, what is referred to as our spirit, moves to a higher plane somewhere beyond our physical universe. Sensitive or gifted people can receive and pass on messages from these spirits. Could such communication actually be possible? If so, what are the implications for reality?


The communication seems to be generally done though intermediaries called mediums.They are supposed to have gifts which enable them to see and hear what most people cannot. Many claim to have seen spirits from childhood. All claim to receive messages from departed souls to reassure loved ones left behind.


Why does this happen?

This is both to prove that life goes on and to warn and guide those left behind. Loved ones will die, people will make wrong choices and some will fall on hard or difficult times. With spirit guidance people can lessen grief by understanding that their loved ones do go on in some form. People can also be warned if a future action is not in their best interests. It is worth remembering though that there may be errors in transmission and interpretation of messages. It is also to be remembered that those departed souls are only “human”and are not omnipotent.


How is it done?

The process is not always straight forward. Some mediums have greater gifts than others. Some departed souls are better at communicating with mediums than others. Some employ so called spirit guides to help them facilitate communications. These can be anyone who has taken on the task from the “other side”. Old friends, wise people from own or different cultures or even animals. Some mediums hear words and some claim to see visions. Some even seem to be temporarily taken over by the departed and speak with their voice.


Is there any proof?

Can some mediums be fooling people and making things up? There may be, as in every walk of life, unscrupulous people pretending to have these gifts to make money. They are usually quickly spotted and get a very bad reputation. If they are not accurate they will not be successful. In any field there are charlatans, it is unavoidable. There is, however, overwhelming anecdotal evidence that it is possible to communicate, at some level, with departed spirits or souls. There has been much written about it. There is also some scientific proof. For instance, Gordon Smith a famous psychic medium, also known as the psychic barber did (and passed) so called double blind trials for the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, based at the University of Glasgow.


Further proof

Some mediums also work in smaller groups in their homes where they can seemingly manifest other phenomena, such as table lifting and voices from beyond. I personally know of someone who worked for many months with a private group, and has tapes of strange voices which can be clearly heard in communication from beyond. There are many cases also, some reported in the press, literature or on the Internet of mediums or clairvoyants knowing personal information about their subjects which otherwise they would have no access too. Sometimes the information about the subject’s family is unknown to the subject and has to be confirmed by another older family member. Another friend reported to me that her late father had visited her to accurately warn of her mother’s impending passing over. He did this so that she would be prepared when it happened.


Aspects of reality

If you believe that the above phenomena are real, then this reinforces two aspects of reality. Firstly, that our essence does continue in some form after physical death. Secondly, that there are unseen dimensions around us that these spirits seem to inhabit. Absolute proof is, at the moment, impossible. The personal experience of a great number of ordinary people, though gives credence to both possibilities. Whatever the truth of the matter is though, it is food for thought.












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