Communicating with the dead-spiritualism

Could continuation after physical death be a possibility? As well the  individuals that believe this to be true,  some institutions actually think so too. Of course, the conventional mainstream organised religions believe this  is an unarguable fact. However, many people who are not conventional religious also accept this principle. Their proof seems to lie in the ability of some people to actually  to communicate with dead (see previous  post, communicating with the dead-mediums ).


Alongside the many independent mediums,  there is also an organization which has strong roots in the UK and America. This is the spiritualist church. It has as its guiding principle the matter of proving that life after death exists, and that the departed can be communicated with. This is now a quasi mainstream and respectable institution, world wide. Every big town and many small ones have Spiritualist Churches. My own town of Poole has at least two that I know of.


Where does this leave God?

Some people indeed see no conflict between Christian principles and Spiritualism, and call themselves Christian Spiritualists. The belief is that there is a creative force in the universe, which some of them know as God. The theory supposes that the created universe has many unseen dimensions. It is also believed that when we die our spirit part, or souls, move over to the next dimension above. If the departed want to they can then communicate back to living loved ones and help and guide them. The physical body may return to its constituent parts but the spirit/soul energy cannot be destroyed but must remaining some form.


The seven principles of spiritualism.

The leaflet that I picked up at the local spiritualist church stated the following seven principles.


  1. The fatherhood of God, the divine source.
  2. The brotherhood of man.
  3. The communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels.
  4. The continuous existence of the human soul.
  5. Personal responsibility.
  6. Compensation and retribution hereafter for all the good or evil done on earth. I understand that to be some form of Karma, possibly occurring over several lives,  rather than conventional heaven and hell.
  7. Eternal progress open to every soul.

If they are Christian Spiritualists there is also an additional principle, which is a belief in the leadership of Jesus Christ.



Spiritualists seek to prove their beliefs by holding services in the spiritualist churches. These often, like more conventional churches, may involve both hymns and some form of prayer. Unlike mainstream churches, however, they may also feature clairvoyance from the platform. This is to demonstrate that life does go on beyond death . Messages are received, channeled through available mediums, for members of the congregation. Healing is often also done for those that need it.


Personal validation.

I myself visited a local Christian Spiritualist church and witnessed this demonstration of clairvoyance. Those receiving the messages felt that they were accurate and seemed to feel that it was indeed proof that their loved ones had continued after death in some form.


Aspects of reality

1-There are two main aspects of reality here. Firstly, that life does continue after death   in some form.

2-  There are other unseen dimensions for the departed to inhabit. Christian Spiritualists would also say that there is a third. This is that God created the whole thing. We will probably only know the truth when we are dead ourselves!!!!




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