Consciousness and time

I had intended to finish my “Time” series last week, but one of my readers made a point which I thought was well worth clarifying. This concerned the role of consciousness in our understanding of time. I had  already mentioned the fact that the true understanding of the concept of time, and how it operates in our universe, can only really be achieved if we properly understand who and what WE really are. How can we begin to answer this? The fact is who we are as human beings actually boils down to the nature of our consciousness. It is with this human consciousness, or awareness, that we observe and interact with the world and perceive time.

Whether or not time is actually linear or simultaneous (happening all at once) was the initial question that sparked all this debate. As before mentioned, some physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one. This does not matter on a day to day basis as it is our consciousness which perceives it to be linear. We could simply not live our lives if it was any other way. I am told that there are other worlds where this is not so, but for us that is the case.

The age old unanswerable question is, of course, where does this consciousness come from? To answer that we have to consider whether it could be just a side effect of human evolution, part of our animal brain? Or is it gifted by a creator being? Are we here randomly, or are we here for a purpose? Why human life?What is the real nature of this consciousness? Until we can answer those questions, we cannot really make sense of the conundrum of time, and why it needs to be as it is.

Aspects of Reality

1-The separation between past present and future may be an illusion.

2- Our perception of time is a function of our consciousness.



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