Devas and the range of nature spirits


What are these spirit beings called Devas that seem to inhabit our reality with us? The term Deva first appeared in early Vedic literature as a class of divine benevolent supernatural beings (Deva means shining one in Sanskrit). In Buddhism it applies to different types of non-human beings who share some godlike characteristics, including very long life and strength.

When you begin researching what actually Devas are today though, the matter becomes even more complex. The term is often used to describe any of the beings that inhabit our reality that are made just of etheric matter or energy.  They are still considered to be magical or supernatural beings, vibrating at a higher frequency than us, so only visible to some sensitive individuals, or those with their 3rd eye activated.

Some people now use the term Deva to encompass all nature spirits any of the spiritual forces or beings behind nature.  Some people propose the theory that they are a type of, or at least in partnership with, the Angels, looking after nature and the Earth rather than its people.  As are Angels, they may be just another branch of evolution, developing alongside us. They are thought to direct, and be responsible for, the health of all our ecosystem. These are spirits connected to the earth and the green environment. There are said to be millions of them, different types doing different jobs to help maintain life on Earth. It is said that we could not exist without them.


One example of the benefits of working with positively with the Devas is found in the Findhorn Foundation. Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean found themselves in dire straits living in a caravan site in Findhorn. They needed to grow vegetables, but the soil was very sandy and poor. By working with spirit and the Devas they were able to grow large and plentiful vegetables which should not have been possible on the soil.

Findhorn is now a large community and foundation dedicated to teaching the principles of co- creating with nature.

I shall be looking at some of these beings and their roles over the next few weeks.

Aspects of reality

There is a range of beings made of pure energy which are said to interact with our biosphere to enable it to work and thrive.


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