Dionysian thought

question marks Dionysian thought concerns  knowledge, concepts and instincts we are aware of but do not have the language to explain. As ever some interesting comments and arguments via Facebook. A new Facebook friend of mine William had an interesting slant on this, which I have reproduced, with his consent, below.

“Humans have been around some 300,000 years or so as Homo sapiens, but civilization as far as we can tell has only been around since the end of the last ice age some 11,000 years ago.
This gives us 289,000 years (lets round it down to a quarter million) where we weren’t dealing with engineering, architecture, literature, chemistry, electronics, etc. etc. ad infinitum.
During this period we weren’t much different from our ancestors before that time relying on intuition and instinct in all things.
I suspect we got quite good at it, but between emails, schedules, passwords, freeways and so on we’ve lost touch with it.
So we have these educated brains we’ve been using for less than 4 percent of our existence as a species directing us frequently at odds with our intuition and instincts that have guided us for 96 percent of our existence as a species.
This 96 percentile is powerful beyond measure, it quietly sits there being ignored yet calling into existence much of our misery to balance the forces we’re ignoring.
Is it any wonder we’re plagued by war, drug addiction, alcoholism, partisan chasms based on race, politics, sexual preferences, and cultural stigmas?
We are all spiritually aware if we admit or know it or not.
Drug abusers find drug abusers in a crowd.
Victims almost call their abusers to them.
Under the tyrant of unwise knowledge and ego we are each our own worst enemy.
“Know Yourself” at the temple of Delphi was a call for people to discover themselves and their intuition and instincts and as great as the need was then the need is that much greater again now.”

Aspects of reality

WE are much more aware and multi layered than we remember on a day to day basis.

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