Do angels exist at all?

angel-of-lightI had many interesting responses from my post -Who or what are angels?.

Some people, it turns out, do not believe in Angels at all!! I have quoted here, with his permission, David Russell’s response.(

David Russell 18 December 23:41
“I do not believe in things just because they are said to exist or other people believe in them. There are a number of spiritual precepts that I can believe in because they have affected me or I have experienced them. However, I have never met an angel and, therefore, have a great deal of trouble believing them. Angels come from the deeper levels of the spiritual canon and fulfill a need that exists in people to feel that they are not alone or without some kind of invisible support. Belief, however, does not make things real other than for the individual. I would suggest that angels come from ancient mystical and spiritual traditions. The belief that they exist is and must be a matter of imagination.”
Aspects of reality
Could angels not actually exist? Could we have just made them up to fill inner needs?
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  1. SuBe says:

    I agree that without irrefutable proof i.e. to see one, believing in something you can’t see is left purely to the imagination. But the power of the mind is far greater than we realise and in daily life we only use a small percentage of our brains. The knowledge that someone is standing behind you and you know this without looking, is the intuition that needs to be enlarged…this seventh intuition of a presence near at hand, be that human or spirit, I find it fascinating and strive to increase my intuition with every passing day.

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