Does Evil actually exist-2?

jlamkinAsking my readers questions about their views on the nature of evil, I got some surprising responses. There are those who believe that it does not exist as a force, but is man made. Similarly, there are also those who believe that as we manifest our own reality, evil acts are our own creation. Another strand think that, on a higher level, the concepts of good and evil are irrelevant.

For example;

LC said-Evil is negativity to the point of extreme malice. I don’t think of it as a force, but as a will or drive which will not be ignored

JL said-What we believe in, exists. But then good and evil are for children and dogs.

LT said- no devil, just the bad human selfish genes.

DR said- In the Gita there is a scene where Arjuna is on his chariot with Lord Krishna. They are looking down on the battlefield where the troops are massed and Arjuna is lamenting the fact that he is about to go into battle with his kinfolk. Lord Krishna says that Arjuna is ‘making a mistake of the intellect’ for the kinfolk massed on the field below are merely souls progressing along the path to Enlightenment and are only superficially related to Arjuna. Intellect is the downfall of those who wish go with the natural flow. It is intellect that intrudes in the process of the thinking heart and it is intellect that leads us to make something that is very simple incredibly elaborate. Defining good and evil are also mistakes of the intellect. The heart tells us what is right and what is wrong.

So, just a snap shot of many different ideas questioning the conventional view of evil that I had been brought up to understand. Even more interesting though, on my journey through this subject, layers of creation/reality that I had not encountered before came to my attention.

Hence this interesting picture illustrating my post. It was just painted by the wonderful artist Jeremy Lampkin. It is called Reining Fire, and depicts Abrasax. He is a solar God who represents both light and dark, good and evil. He is supposed to be the originator from which our God’s stem. Abrasax would be the god of understanding total reality, a higher state of consciousness where dichotomies such as good and evil are fictional, and only perceived as different realities by Jehovah’s children. (Jehovah, the OT God, is the creator of the physical, material world, including humanity.) Next week I will look at him more closely.


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  1. Julie says:

    Interesting read, I think it is manmade and that it is manifested by negative thoughts. It exists only in the mind.

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