Does Evil actually exist?

good and evilFunny how things just evolve. After reading a headline in New Scientist in October, I began a post thread starting 8th October, ( Science, Reality and multiverses).  To my surprise it has led on to a discussion about the nature of good and evil, and what that means for our reality.

To re-cap, if the multiverse theory was true that would mean that there is multiple, or even infinite, versions of ourselves doing every combination of actions possible in multiple realities. The question was then asked, if that is the case where does that leave the concepts of good and evil? The next question then was, “Is evil a force, or just a set of bad decisions?”

To answer this you must first define what we mean by evil. This, as ever is the problem. We all feel that we know evil when we see it, but, as with good, pinning it down is more difficult. My dictionary defines this as “profoundly immoral and malevolent.” Other definitions refer to bad character, working against the greater good etc.  Sometimes just an intense selfishness can result in seemingly evil acts, as other people’s welfare’s are disregarded when seeking your own ends. Malevolence, though, does indicate a desire to injure others for pleasure by your actions. Is this just a fault of random genes or bad upbringing? Or could there actually be a force seeking to tempt people in this way?

Obviously, the answer to this is much influenced by a person’s individual beliefs and their definition of evil. In my culture we were brought up to believe that we were created by a “good” God and that evil existed as a force which was in conflict with good, and was to be fought against at all cost. Failure resulted in damnation.

True or not, this seemed to go out of favour somewhat. I have also come across the probably more credible theory that if evil does exist as a force, it was created by our creator God purposely to give us something to test ourselves against.Others feel that both our good and evil were created by an even higher power, way beyond our understanding. The jury seems to be out on the existence of an actual perpetrator to evil, the devil. Although those that actually worship the devil would probably not agree with that.

I personally have seen, or been on the wrong end of intense selfishness, but luckily not come across the malevolent evil. I have been given, though, some wonderful insights into the nature of evil, which I will share with you next week.

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