Does it matter about the reality of time?

 Last week I posted about the scientific reality of time, and how there are two alternative theories about its fundamental nature. Unfortunately I neglected to mention the most important factor in our understanding of time. That is, why does the mechanics of it actually matter? How does that knowledge impact our lives?

Obviously, on a day to day basis we understand time as linear, going in a straight line. Indeed it would impossible to cope with life any other way. The alternative view, held by many spiritualist thinkers, and by some high level physicists, is that everything is happening simultaneously and we just perceive it to be linear as we live our lives.

The truth is that although it makes no difference to our everyday lives, for the big picture of reality this is a vital difference. Put simplistically, if time is non linear then the future has already happened. If true this has massive implications for our journey though life and our assumptions of free will. Could this be why some people can see the future? What do you think?

Aspects of Reality

1-The separation between past present and future may be an illusion.

2- Our perception of time is a function of our consciousness.


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