Does Karma actually exist?

karma 1  When writing or blogging I always like to put all points of view.  Sometimes we just don’t really know the truth of these things.  If I put all points of view then readers are free to  do any further research if they are interested. Sometimes even the discussion leads to new insights.

Anyway, I have to point out that for all my readers that have made positive comments and even given me further information on Karma, they are those who just flatly refuse to believe in it.

FY said..”A load of rubbish, does not exist” The trouble is that to understand the concept you do have to also understand the concepts of a bigger universe than we can see, and to believe in reincarnation.  These are steps that some people just are not happy with.

A more thoughtful response came from JB via  ideapod

“Marian, I actually don’t agree with this. It is a fatalistic view of life. I think we can learn lessons in our life but to take it back to past life karma, takes our responsibility away from our life. I believe we have real power in the present moment and in the way we react to what happens in our life. I think to be self aware and understand why we react to certain situations is key to living a more conscious life.”

Aspects of reality

Some people do not believe is aspects like karma- this is their absolute right.



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