Elemental spirits of Earth, fire, air and water

Alongside all the other nature spirits there are elemental beings which also help life on Earth to exist and flourish. In antiquity there was said to be 4 elements which made up the Earth. That is earth, fire, air and water. Our understanding of these elemental beings is based on these categories. The Chinese have a 5th, iron, and I am sure there are many other cultural variations.

Elemental beings, on one level at least, are said to be made of one element and there is a type of being for each of the 4. Long ignored and taken for granted, the Gnomes (earth), Sylphs (air) Undines (water) and Salamanders (fire), work hard to sustain life on Earth on our behalf. We are, unknowingly dependent on their selfless service. They can move through their own element as we can move through air.

As with all the magical beings, we cannot always see them, although those with special sensitivity may. There are myths and legends concerning them though out the ages. Although they work hard for the planet, mankind may irritate them. As with all the magical beings of myth and legend, there is so much in the fantasy books and game play, that separating fact from fiction is harder than ever.

Next time I will describe these elementals and how they help the Earth.

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