Evidence of what happens between lives?

between lives 2

Last week I asked, given that we almost have certainly lived more than once, if anyone had any views of what happened between lives.

I had two particularly interesting replies.

Firstly, Jackie said that

“My Grandmother in spirit showed me a place that sort of looked like a rest home, she was among friends, there was no illness and there was much happiness and they seem to dance, listen to music, play games. But I am also aware that she spends time on the earthly plane with family members who are hurting/struggling with illness or distress caused by other peoples behavior. Though they can be near the people they love and can try to comfort them, they cannot directly intervene, but she was able to ask me to intervene. Not sure why I can ask God/Angels to heal others but those in spirit cannot, but it seems that that is the way it is.”

Secondly, Paul said

“After a Near Death Experience at the age of 10 I believe we go to a “clearing house” of sorts that enables us to review our previous life & decide where & when to go next.
I firmly believe that we can not only reincarnate on this world & timeline but anywhere else in the multiverse.”

Aspects of reality

Some people have visions or insight into places between lives. This can be seen as evidence for higher dimensions and a multi life existence.




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