Final thoughts on who and what, as human beings, we may be

Previously I asked  the first questions that triggered my quest to understand the true nature of our reality. That is who are we and what are we doing here?

As you can see as per my last few posts,( check out Who and what we are actually, and How do we know we actually exist? Both in Aspects of reality category.) an understanding of the physics of our existence, and the concept of human consciousness opens up more possible answers to those questions than can easily be addressed or understood.

As per my initial glitter ball analogy, all we can see are the reflections back into our reality and the clues we can pick up from them.

There were two interesting questions posed though, posted in Facebook comments.

Firstly, if we can chose our incarnations, why don’t we all choose a pain free, stress free life? Why so much tragedy and difficulties?

Well this addresses the question of  why we are actually here. My answer was that we choose to experience what we need for spiritual growth and human experience. There is also the universal law of Karma, which sometimes has to be worked out over several lifetimes.

Secondly, why do I say that the instruction manuals for the game of life are out of reach? Good point. For some really enlightened people that is not wholly true of course. Also, some people think that, to experience life fully, we should not know.

So who are we actually and what are we doing here?

We are energy beings in an energy matrix with a consciousness/soul that is both the only way we know we exist, and seems to be a mechanism for our continuation after physical death.

The last question to address then is the most difficult one. That is “How did we all get here?”

The definitive answer to this depends on faith as well as science. I will be looking at some alternatives next time.


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