First aspect of reality- who or what are we?

As a layman, a generalist not a specialist, to really try to understand reality is a massive undertaking. Where could an ordinary person begin? The answer is to use the clues that we do have around us. The biggest available clue is us, ourselves. Who and what are we?

The human body

As a starting place I looked at the human body. This is a very complex organic machine, constructed from cells. It takes in energy from the food it eats. This food is converted into the nutrients that are needed to allow the body to function and reproduce. It is a sea of complex chemicals and hormones, bones, blood, muscle and cartilage etc.

Atomic structure

If you look at a deeper level, the next question is, what are these body constituents made of? The answer is that all of the individual complex chemicals that make up the human body are made from different combinations of atoms. Atoms themselves consist of a nucleus consisting  of neutrons and protons with circling electrons. All of the constituents of the atoms are just vibrating energy pinches in different combinations. We, and all the universe around us, are constructed of nothing more than vibrating energy. Even our thoughts are just bio chemical energy.

This realisation also led to another possibility. If we are constructed at base  from energy, how do we know that we are not just holograms?

First aspect of reality

We are energy beings, living in an energy matrix. We may also be just be no more than holograms.

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