Fourth aspect of reality-energy bodies

The fourth aspect of reality that I have  identified concerns the  spiritual, or energy, aspect  of humanity . We are not just biological beings. We have consciousness, or an essence, which some would call a soul. Some say we even have an  energy body. These energy bodies can be shown to exist along side our physical animal bodies. Our soul or  consciousness can been seen to over ride the computer like functions of our genetically determined brain.


This  essence, or soul, seems to go on after physical death. We can be shown to have lived multiple lives. Our consciousness can be seen to reincarnate in different physical bodies through time.


There seems to be a mechanism enabling the dead to communicate with the living, sometimes via mediums. Traces of the physically dead, that have not yet passed to where they should go, can be seen as ghosts. This raises the possibility of unseen dimensions around us. This also indicates the possibility of a totally different reality to that which we have been led to believe exists.

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