Genna’s UFO


genna field This is a personal account of a random and unexpected encounter with a UFO that was told to me very recently. It is important because it was unexpected and not looked for, but also because it changed the observer’s life.

Genna’s UFO

Nearly 20 years ago Genna and her friend stopped briefly on their way home from a party, tired but sober at 11.30 at night. They pulled into a car park in the village of Sutton Scotney Hampshire, which looked over a recreation ground, to use the loo.

Suddenly they saw a cigar shape pulsating ball of fire above the park. Mesmerized they sat on the bonnet of the car watching it. It then moved closer to them and looked like it tripled in size. It seemed to be continually changing position and form. Occasionally a saucer shaped craft could be seen beneath the outer pulsating light, with blue and red lights. It seemed then to shower lights downwards behind the park trees, then two flashes and it was gone. This experience lasted twenty minutes. It felt peaceful, but in Genna’s words, it changed her life.

The description of the craft that she gave to me matched what many people have seen since all over the world. That long ago, though, this knowledge was not public and Genna certainly was not privy to or interested in the subject. Many people think that what is described is probably anti – gravity technology, and/ or some sort of cloaking device around the spaceship.

What is probably more interesting though, is the fact that Genna felt that this experience changed her life. She came from a strict religious background, and this episode threw her into disarray and made her doubt her religion. Had she seen demons? What else had been hidden? It made question the status quo on all levels. What were the aliens doing here? Why is the government keeping it quiet?

She tells me that she felt great anger at people’s level of disbelief when she told them her story. She felt almost an outcast, separated from her friends who did not believe her.

For someone only 19, the aftermath, not the actual experience, was the ordeal. As with any non mainstream phenomena, people are sometimes too scared to tell others what it going on for fear of doubt or ridicule. At the same time possible reasons for a government cover up are there in her experience. If we all doubted the status quo and asked why, then the iron control that they have over us would be challenged. So keep talking and sharing your experience

Aspects of reality

This is interesting because the reality was both that she did not expect to see such a thing and that it changed her life,( For the worse to begin with).

A pure experience of seeing an alien space ship.


4 Responses to “Genna’s UFO”

  1. richard cardew says:

    Dear Genna what a lovely site thank you so much. I was very depressed until I read it
    I have had relevant experiences to everything You say
    I am a spirit healer and clairvoyant and qualified mathematician

    • Marian says:

      Hi Glad my stuff helps.I am marian it is my web blog, genna is a friend of mine who wanted to tell her story.
      I would love it if you could share some of your experiences with me. E mail me if you feel able.

  2. Bob MacPhail says:

    I have rather a similar experience, very similar that happened to me 20 years ago also right down to the color of the lights blue & red blinking with white beam underneath. I know all about the ridicule but I never cared, I also had 4 witnesses that were in another vehicle. Thanks for sharing !

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