Could it be possible to see other dimensions or interdimensional beings?

In all my posts discussing the strange possible realities of a multi dimensional universe or universes, ( see; The reality of a multi dimensional universe, The reality of strange dimensions and The reality of seeing strange dimensions) I always come up against two problems.  Firstly, for all the fancy theories, there is as yet no actual scientific, only theoretical mathematical,  proof that they exist.  Secondly, no one has actually even glimpsed one, or any probable inhabitants. Is this actually true though? Is it actually possible that unofficially we have already seen, or been visited by, beings from these other or alternate universes?

As it happens some people are quite sure that we may have been visited by beings from other dimensions. The problem with this is,  if we cannot see the dimensions, how could we see any spacecraft or beings which could emanate from them?

The truth is that some think that some of the stranger phenomena that UFO spotters report may actually be glimpses of extra dimensional travelers. The theory is that because our brains can only compute 3D images, ( see the reality of seeing strange dimensions ) we cannot necessarily see them for what they actually are.

Flat Land

I have come across a very interesting concept recently called Flat Land. (Michio Kaku -Hyperspace ) This asks you to imagine a world of only two dimensions. People within it would be completely flat. They would have no awareness that there was another dimension, one of height. To imprison a flat lander all that you would have to do is draw a line around him. He would not be able to jump or step over the line. A three dimensional being, however, could just reach down and pick him up. The flat lander would not see the hand coming, it would just appear from nowhere. He would not see the hand in three dimensions, he would just see a set of loosely connected rings. His eyes and brain could not properly process what was happening to him. We would be in the same position if we were contacted or visited by beings living in a world of different dimensions. They would appear to come from nowhere, and would not be in a form we could necessarily understand.

Strange visitors

In other words, we may have received visitors from other dimensions already and just seen them as strange shadows or blobs.

The reality of a complex inter-dimensional universe is fascinating though.

Aspects of reality

1-Our universe is scientifically thought to be multidimensional

2- We may have already been visited by beings from other dimensions and just not recognized them as such.

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