Glimpses of other realities?

Our reality does seem fixed on a day to day basis. Sometimes though we do get clues or glimpses  that things are not exactly how we think they may be. For instance, my daughter Chloe is very spiritually attuned. From a small child she has seen and understood things on the spiritual and energetic levels. She has also worked hard lately to develop her physic skills and has opened up enormously.

Just the other day she phoned me with an interesting reality based question. Whilst going about her ordinary business she suddenly had a vision of herself tucking her, now five year old, in to bed. The strange thing was that the clothes she was was wearing were not exactly clothes she had ever possessed.

Although she sometimes does have visions, this one intrigued her and she phoned me to discuss it. Where had it come from? What reality did it indicate?

Was it;

  • Just a day dream.(But then why the strange clothes?)
  • Had she tuned in to one of his dreams. This sometimes did use to happen when he was small, she could actually see his dreams over his head. This is interesting in itself as it shows that all our thoughts and dreams surround us in energetic form which some can access.
  • Time flexing. The Einsteinian view of time being just another of the universal forces, such as gravity etc, and which may then flex and change as the others around it change, could apply here. It could be seen as a glimpse into a past moment in time. The other view of time being simultaneous could also allow that to happen. (But then why the strange clothes?)
  • A glimpse of a parallel universe. The multiverse theory of reality suggests that for every decision we make we split into two This happens time and time again, so there are copies of us doing every variation of our possible lives, living in parallel but unseen. Did Chloe just get a glimpse of one of her alternative lives?


Clues like this are all around us but we tend to disregard them, or at least not think what they actually means to our understanding of reality.

Aspects of reality

Clues are all around us that the reality in which we think we live is not the whole story at all.


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