Gravity whirlpools and fairy rings -an explanation for some ley lines

A few weeks ago, Chris Harris explained that so called fairy rings were an indication of the presence of a gravity whirlpool, and that the variation of grass length around was an indication of the variations in  growing time caused by the stretching in time  around the vortex. He also indicated that there may be lines of electromagnetic force forming energy lines between adjacent whirlpools.

The thing to remember is that both gravitational and electromagnetic flows or vortexes are caused because of the unequal energy flow due to the unevenness of what is happening below the surface. Every rock or liquid or strata allows the forces to travel differently through them, depending on the nature of their chemical make up. Because the Earth is constantly rotating these different unbalanced currents can form into vortexes.

Anyway, this is his more detailed explanation of what may be going on. Chris said


“If planet Earth had a uniformly dense core (like a marble) – The density of space generated by its mass would also be uniformly less the further out its is measured. But below the surface the Earth has many areas of varying density such as rock and larva masses. This gives rise to such features such as fairy rings that appear on the surface. The surface of the Earth in encased in an ocean of gravity that is susceptible to ripples, waves and whirlpools caused by variations in the density of the mass below the surface.

 Time is simply distance divided by speed. It is the duration of an event. In the case of fairy rings (gravity whirlpools)-the density of space at the circumference of the circle is less than at its centre.  The length of the blades of grass (around the edge) therefore appear longer (older) as the space time in which they have grown has been stretched.   

 I think it is possible that two or more whirlpools could be connected by a straight line as areas of identicle space density (gravity) bleed into each other. Such straight line connections would be an explanation for ley lines.

Ancient peoples (un- blinkered by inflexible science ) knew of these portals and engineered gravity/leys to enhance their powers and effects. Such engineering would involve the construction of mounds and stones over fairy rings/whirlpools. ” 

Wonderful stuff as ever, thanks Chris.


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