Guardian Angels


CCE08052016_00000 - CopyThere is a Christian belief that we all have a guardian Angel. That is a personal Angel ( or Angels) that are always with us from  the moment of our conception.  Whether we know about  them or believe in them not, they are always there. They will protect, guide and advise you if you will let them.

The theory is that they will be by your side until your spirit passes over on the moment of your death. Some people do manage, by intuition, prayer or meditation to interact and communicate with their Angel. Just remember to be aware and say thank you for their continuing help.

Aspects of reality

If this is true, what is the real nature of these helpers. Is the religious narrative correct or are they some other sort of beings in our reality that have just chosen to help us?


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  1. Chris Harris says:

    I think humans are vehicles that enable multi dimensional beings (M.D.E’s) to experience the ultimate reality game. M.D.E’s are eternal consciousness’s who attach themselves to each new born so intimately as to effectively become one with the human host. I rather callously call these intruders “Joy -riders”. In fact I’m not sure if the ride is for pleasure or growth. When the human is born it has an empty but conscious mind. This mind is independent of anything that has lived before and is unique. As the body grows so does the mind and indeed the whole mortal human life is lived completely unaware of the M.D.E riding within your head. When the body dies all of what you were remains with the M.D.E and sits alongside other memories from other rides with other humans/aliens and is part of an ever growing eternal life experience of the M.D.E. I believe there may be some leakage of information during each bonding that may explain recollections of previous lives etc. I saw an experiment once that would seem to support the joy-rider theory. An experiment was set up to measure the time lapse between the decision to perform a physical action by a human and the physical appearance of that action. It was a simple action like “I will pick up that pencil now”. During the experiment the test humans had their brain waves monitored to pick up the instant the thought to move the pencil occurred. Built into the calculations of the experiment was how long muscles and brain synapses took to respond. The seemingly conclusive evidence suggested that the actual original thought to move the pencil happened fractionally (micro-seconds) before the human believed themselves to have decided to do so. This would seem to indicate that someone/ something else was driving the human body(i.e a joy-rider).

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