Reality and healing -using divine power

No discussion of reality can leave out the possibility that we have been created by a divine power. A great many people believe that we are not just a random evolutionary accident, but have been created by a God or intelligent designer of some sort. If that is true then, in theory, the God should be able to repair any damage and heal his creations if he chooses to,  especially if asked to by priests or adherents.

How can we prove this?

Our Christian Holy Bible refers explicitly to Jesus healing. For instance “ When the sun was setting, the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness, and laying his hands on each one, he healed them”. Luke 4.40 Healing has also very often since said to have happened in God’s name. The New Testament of the Christian Bible has many examples of Jesus healing. Other religions have their own records of such events. Could this be possible?

Healing today

There are many people in mainstream religion, including the Church of England, who believe such healing is possible and happening today. My own local vicar believes strongly that one can ask for healing through prayer and receive it. He quoted two examples from his personal experience. One involved help for a asthmatic youth and the other involved bones resetting themselves through prayer. When I questioned whether it was not just the mind doing the healing, the response was that the bodies were regenerating at speeds that were not possible naturally.

Healing at shrines

The concept of healing with a divine intervention seems to have a lot of credence in some sections of our culture. This is especially true of the Catholic Church. There is, of course, a veritable industry involved in the promotion of the healing power of some earthly shrines, for instance like the town of Lourdes in France. People travel there, to feel closer to God, and to receive healing. This site, which was said to have been visited by the Virgin Mary, has a grotto and healing waters from a spring. The Virgin Mary was said to have appeared to a 14 year old girl called Bernadette many times in the late nineteenth century. A spring appeared which began to to be known for its miraculous healing properties. It became a place of pilgrimage. Thousands and thousands of tourists and pilgrims visit annually to receive a blessing or healing from the holy spring. There are reportedly many cases of healing that can be verified every year. Many of the sick find that they have a small (not necessarily miraculous) but beneficial improvement to their ailments. A recent newspaper article about Lourdes mentioned that there had been at least 200 million visitors in the last 152 years and at least 67 miracle healings that the catholic church had officially recognized.

Personal witness

This healing effect was witnessed by a modern day pilgrim to Lourdes via the Jumbulance Trust. The Jumbulance regularly takes very sick people to Lourdes, and other pilgrim sites, for healing with a contingent of able bodied helpers. One such helper, Roy Gregory, wrote about his experiences in October 2008. He witnessed for himself the increase in well being of his charges, mentally and physically.

He also felt that, with a contingent of sick and their helpers “We experienced God through Lourdes, the grandeur of the mountains and each other” There are of course other such sites of pilgrimage and healing all over the world.

Aspects of Reality

Whether the healing is all in the mind or not, the very high proportion of religious personnel ( nuns, priest etc) at Lourdes shows that there is a strong belief in both miracles and healing in the general run of Christian, especially catholic, churches. Healing does sometimes seem to happen to those who pray for it, or when others pray for it on their behalf. Does this prove that we were created by some sort of other worldly omnipotent being? Not necessarily, but it may show that we are not just biological beings.

The question has to be asked, however, if we are created by God, and are not just products of random evolution, what role has illness in his plan? Why allow such suffering? The only answer I have been given is, that we cannot know God’s mind. There will be a reason, but we are not allowed to know it. One reason given historically, is that in sickness and disaster we are brought closer to a realization of God. We are aware of ourselves as not just physical beings. The fact that it seems possible to heal using divine intervention, does increase the likelihood of their being a divinity of some sort, in our reality.

It may also just show us how powerful the human mind, and its ability to trigger healing, can be.

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