Reality and healing- using the energy body

When looking at reality we must look carefully at who and what we are. Many healers and mystics believe that embedded within our physical body there is an energy body. This works in harmony with the physical body to help co-ordinate its functions. It is an integral part of us that we could not survive without. Both bodies interact, and there is constant movement of energy between the physical and energy bodies. If one is in good shape it will help to harmonize and rebalance the other. Stress on the physical body will reflect back to the energy body and vice versa. This will lead to imbalance of the systems, and often lead to ill health. Evidence of this energetic body can be seen in a person’s aura.

The Aura

An aura is the egg shaped halo of various coloured lights, seen around our physical body. Special or sensitive cameras can even record them. I actually had a photo taken myself several years ago with a special camera. This showed my face surrounded by red and gold light. What could auras be made of? There are three possible factors.

Firstly; Some people can see the traces of our energy body, which may extend beyond the physical body.

Secondly; An aura can be seen as just the physical energetic trace of the energy fields generated around the matter that our bodies are made of. This is caused by the movement and vibration of the atoms with their electrons. The human body is a complex machine that uses bioelectrical energy to run the brain and the nervous system. It also utilises chemical exchange to run the blood and glandular systems. It takes in energy via food and converts it into the chemicals needed by various organs to operate. It generates heat and sound. It is always working even when we are asleep. All this energy exchange is bound to leave discernible traces.

Thirdly; Some go even further and believe that, as thoughts and emotions can be shown to be no more than biochemical energy, their traces can also be seen in the aura .

The aura can be then understood as a physical manifestation of a combination of these three factors. Different wave lengths of energy can appear as different colours, within the aura . The state of physical health and emotions and any imbalances of an individual can thus be detected by looking at the the colour combinations and strengths of the aura surrounding them.

Evidence of Auras

Asking around, it it very interesting how many friends and acquaintances admit to seeing some sort of aura around people. They have just learnt not to mention it in public!!!!! I recently spoke to a friend who mentioned casually that her own mother used to think that she had bad eyes because she could see colours around people. They vanished when she hit puberty at 13.

Have I personal evidence? Well I do not generally see auras, although if I concentrate I can see a slight electrical disturbance around people. Once though, when I was walking with friends on an ancient hill in Dorset, I turned around and suddenly saw this wonderful green and gold aura surrounding a passing stranger. It was a magnificent sight. As soon as I thought to my self that “I can’t see auras.” it vanished and everything was as normal. What I saw was more than the atomic trace around some one though. It confirmed to me that the aura that surrounds man is more than the energies that normal chemical workings of the body would generate.

Healing using the Aura

The theory is that by hands on healing, practitioners can rebalance the energy body, which then tunes up the physical body. The hands on healing is channeling energy from what is called the universal energy source. This is a source of energy made available for all that need it. It can be invoked and channeled through the hands of the healer. This is used to rebalance and tune up the energy body. This will then tune up and rebalance the physical body, to allow healing.


Some would also maintain that there are extra energies powering our complex bodies. There are energy wheels, or chakras, at key points on the human frame. Some can see the energy, others just feel the vibrations. There is also the hara, located on the solar plexus, which is supposed to be a link between an universal energy source and our energy bodies .The chakras may become unbalanced which can cause, or may indicate, problems in the physical body. Some healers use the universal energy source to balance the chakras and thus improve the health of the client.

Aspects of reality

The existence of an energy body, along side every physical body, opens many intriguing possibilities for the nature of reality. The theoretical existence of the universal healing energy force poses even more questions. Some feel that it is a natural part of the universe, some feel that it is provided by God or an intelligent designer. We cannot actually know. If and why it exists at all is the interesting question.


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