Reality and Healing -using the energy matrix

When discussing reality and  healing, it is important to remember who and what we are. At base level. we are beings made from the atomic structure of the compounds and chemicals that make up our physical bodies. The structure of all atoms consists mostly of empty space between the nucleus and orbiting electrons. The quanta, the pinches of vibrating energy that make up the different atomic particles are nothing more than vibrating pinches of energy themselves. Energy = mass. We are in fact nothing more than energy beings.

Our earth abounds with measurable energies, such as its magnetic and gravitational fields, heat and light and x-ray to name just a few. The magnetic and gravitational forces seemingly hold in position, and maintain the integrity of the matter in our universe. Physics tells us that there is a phenomenon called Zero point field. The theory is that rather than existing in empty space, the universe abounds with quantum energy particles that flicker randomly in and out of existence. It is these energies which feed the atomic structure and stop the circling electrons falling into the nucleus of the atoms, as the energy used by their movement diminishes. We are thus energy beings living in an energy matrix, a quantum sea of light.

Healing with the energy matrix.

Can it be possible to heal with this energy matrix? Even if it is possible, how can people claim to put right the malfunctions of the human body using mere energy? As we are fundamentally made of atomic energy, could it be scientifically possible to use outside energies to re set any malfunctions? Some people do believe that this is possible.

Firstly; there are those healers that believe they are channeling magnetic energy from the earth’s core to tune up and re-set the physical body.

Secondly; there are many commercial devices using magnets that claim to heal, reduce pain, aid faster bone healing and help with joint degenerating disease such as arthritis. Many people do now routinely use magnets to aid healing. The theory is that the magnetic fields that we rely on are getting weaker. The commercial magnets replace the lost field strength and allow the body to regenerate more easily.


There is actually some scientific evidence to support this. It has been shown that we cannot actually function well without the electromagnetic fields that surround us on earth. When astronauts first went into space it was discovered that even after a relatively short time they lost bone mass and muscle tone once they were away from the physical earth. They now have magnets within the space suits to combat this.

Aspects of reality

The aspect of reality that this emphasizes is that we are energy beings, living in an energy matrix. The electromagnetic fields, within which we live, are essential to our physical survival.


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