Reality and healing- using the mind

What does our mind have to do with reality? Some people feel that you can help heal the physical body, just using the power of the mind. Could that be possible? If so, what mechanism could they be actually using to achieve this? There could be several different possible factors in play here.

Firstly, the human mind is very powerful. We rarely, if ever use it to its capacity. The human brain has a computer like body organizing function as well as our thinking mind. We also have conscious and sub conscious minds. If the body is out of balance could the conscious mind some how override the automatic maintenance systems and re-balance the body into optimal functioning? Some people believe so. Having a balanced body, with all our interactive internal systems working in harmony, would certainly make us feel better.

If the problem is infection, could the mind help fight the infection by boosting the immune system? This might be achieved by just tuning up the body to optimum to allow the normal immune system to do its job more effectively. This may also be effective in encouraging broken bones to heal at a faster rate.

Secondly, another alternative could be considered, if you accept that we all have a spirit body along side and within the physical body, that helps maintain and balance the bodily systems. The theory is that the two work in harmony. Stress to the physical body can affect the spirit body and vice versa. There is constant two way communication. Returning the spirit body to harmony with the mind can then flow through to the physical body allowing it it balance. This then allows the natural bodily healing systems to function more easily.

Thirdly, the well documented placebo affect occurs when patients take a pill that they believe will cure them, even if it is just a sugar pill. The result often is that their condition improves. This phenomena is accepted even within the conventional medical profession. The implications of why this should happen, however, are rarely discussed. What the placebo affect may actually be doing, however, is “fooling” the patient or the patient’s body into thinking it is being helped. The patients mind, therefore, may be somehow over-riding the body to achieve this end. It is worth noting, however, that this only happens because the patient believes that the pills are helping.

Aspects of reality

The phenomena of using the mind to heal your body thus has implications, beyond the mere medical effects, to the reality of the true nature of man. It certainly raises question marks as to the existence of a spirit body alongside our physical ones. If this can be shown to exist it may indicate a different big picture of the nature of humanity, than that which is conventionally taught. It also highlights the mostly unexplored potential of the average human mind.

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