Reality and healing

Healing is an interesting subject that throws a different possible  light on the nature of our reality. If what we were taught at school and by society was the whole story of our reality, then non of the alternative healing systems would work.

What actually is it? Well, the complex human body can malfunction in so many ways. We can be attacked by virus or bacteria, we can have accidents and break or damage things. Organs can malfunction or get out of balance with each other or our cells can start growing wrongly giving us cancer. The body is so complex that it is a wonder that it works so well most of the time.

Conventional medicine has many remedies to help put all these things right. Drugs can be given, bones can be set, courses of treatment can be embarked on. Some times however this is not as successful as it might be. Sometimes we are not actually ill but are just out of sorts. The body is just not functioning quite how it should be. Drugs and medicine is not the answer. For those that understand that the outward physical human body is not the whole story, there are alternative methods with which to rebalance things. Although there are several different ways to achieve this, the collective name for these alternative practices is healing.

Methods of healing

Most methods of healing assume there is an energetic body running along side of, and embedded in to the physical body. Traces of this energy body , which extends beyond the physical body, can be seen in the auras which are said to surround us and can be seen by some very sensitive people.

The general consensus seems to be that malfunction in the physical body moves across to the energy body. Problems in the energy body can also move across to upset the physical body. Healers claim to balance the energy body which then allows the physical body to balance itself. There are many different ways of doing this.

The ancient eastern tradition of acupuncture, among others, assumes lines of energy running through the physical body, connecting various organs. These are called meridians. Energy blockages , which may be causing dysfunction, can be released with pressure or needles. Other forms of healing use chakras. These are energy wheels, so called because they are vortices of energy which we all have at various points in our body . These can become blocked or imbalanced and a healer can equalise and restore them to allow the body to rebalance itself.

There are also healing traditions which assume that the mind can be used to heal the body. Also for some people there is a belief that God or gods will heal you, if asked through prayer.

Is any of this possible? Considered by some to be scientifically dubious, there are many success stories in practice. What ever the truth, the reality is that we are not just physical bodies, or none of it would ever work.

I have asked friends that heal to describe what they do, and what methods they use. Check out the following ways of healing articles to understand what is actually going on in the world of healing.



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