How could it all work- Astrology

AstrologyA couple of weeks ago I asked how people thought that Astrology actually worked. Well, as ever, the  universe seem to give me the answer to the question as soon as I asked it.

I was very lucky to receive a wonderful book for my birthday We’Moon 2016. Reading the introduction, things were put into words that I had long instinctively understood, but not articulated.

Sandra Pastorius,the author, asked, Is Astrology another Quantum Quandary?.

” Astrology and Quantum physics challenge the sciences. They both pose perplexing quandaries about how interactions between things can occur without apparent cause and effect, and about the vital role that human attention plays in the emergence of phenomena into reality.”

One of the laws of  Quantum physics law shows that we are  all fundamentally interconnected.

Also as Sandra said, ” Astrology evolved with the recognition that living things respond consciously to the pulse of celestial rhythms”

Not the whole of the answer then..but the beginnings of an insight into how things actually work!

Aspects of reality

Is astrology a satnav put their by an intelligent designer of some sort to help us with life’s decisions?

Or is just fundamental to the energetic construction of the universe?


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