Mechanisms for continuation after death

In my last three posts ( the reality of death and other dimensions, mediums and spiritualism), I discussed communicating with the dead. I also talked about  what aspects of reality this possibility would indicate. This included a multidimensional universe. Part of trying to  prove that part of us  can go on after death, is working out how it might be possible. We can talk about the spirit leaving the body and passing to another dimension, but the mechanism is not easily explained. What follows is one attempt at an explanation given to me by a friend who is a medium.

What are we made of?

We are constructed from the materials that the earth is constructed of. All the  matter in our make up  and that of  the earth consists of atoms . These basic atoms  became elements, then composites, then all variations of  matter.  These elements and composites   form different densities by vibration, the slower the vibration the denser the matter or forms of existence i.e. solid, liquid, gas etc. Atoms themselves are constructed of many sub -atomic particles, all of which are themselves vibrating  pinches of pure energy in different combinations.

What does physics say about matter?

Physics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can only  be transformed from one form to another. For example, kinetic energy becomes electrical energy then becomes heat and light….i.e. turning on a light bulb. Even our thoughts are nothing but biochemical energy.

What do mediums say?

Our spirits or souls are pure energy. It could follow then  that our soul’s existence therefore also cannot be created or destroyed, but does in fact go from one form to another or from dimension or life  to another.

The soul life-force or being is energy on a higher vibration, this is why, I feel, that mediums have the gift to tune in and  can communicate with different souls that have passed over to a different life or vibrational plain. We are part of one energy field. We are all interconnected at a basic level.


Is what Simon says possible? It may be very likely. We after all just beings made of vibrating energy, even our thoughts seem to be made of chemical electric impulses .Some part of our mind, the part that is not necessarily just a function of our biological brain, does seem to go on and be part of a bigger universe that we cannot physically see. What ever “hard” science will say is possible or not possible, some people do seem to be able to communicate and receive guidance from those that have passed over . As we are all part of the same vast electromagnetic field this should be possible. Even in our own culture, which has moved further and further away from being religion dominated, there is overwhelming anecdotal evidence for a soul/essence or something of us that passes on to a different realm. There has been throughout our own history and the history of all other cultures and civilizations in the world. A multidimensional universe is now considered to be a strong scientific possibility.

Multi lives

There is also in Simon’s explanation some indication of something generally undiscussed by our Christian religion, although taken as fact in most “eastern” religions. I am referring of course to the possibility that we live more than once, our souls return to a different physical body many times and do so for a purpose. This is a topic to be looked at in its own right.

Aspects of reality

1-We are all energy beings living in an energy matrix. We are all part of this field and are linked in it.

2- Our spirits /souls are pure energy.

3-Some people are sensitive to this and can tune in across the field to those that have  passed over in physical death to another dimension.

4-Other dimensions unseen must exist.









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