How to detect Dark Angels

dark angel Some people believe  that not all Angels work for the forces of light. Dark angels, thrown out of heaven,  are said to roam the Earth seeking out souls and tempting them into evil.

If you can see them, they are supposed to look like ordinary every day Angels. Some times they do not show themselves but just communicate with you in your head.

The question is though, how can you tell if the beings you are communicating with are messengers from God or dark Angels trying to tempt you to the wrong path?

If you have protected yourself from evil before communicating there may not be a problem. They are said to be some simple giveaways  though.

  • Angels should not be worshiped, if they require worship or admiration they are not pure Angels.
  • If they offer to do something for you that is not in your best interests, or that may harm others, that is a bad sign.
  • If they offer you Earthly wealth or advancement beware..pure Angels would not do that.
  • Or as my FB Friend Jeanette said…pure love (or a pure heart) is the best protection against these beings.

So be aware.

Aspects of reality

If there are bad angels as well as good does that mean that good and evil actually exist as forces in our reality?


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