Human Input Into creation?

sub atomicparticles I have explained before about the quantum field of light that we live in and are part of. These posts are to be found in the category the SCIENCE OF REALITY zero point fields sub category. In The field explained I touched on constant exchange of energy through Zero point field and also the essential interconnectedness of everything as demonstrated by the phenomena of non locality. In quantum mechanics though there is one more exciting concept that, if followed through logically, is mind blowing. Put simplistically, this is the fact that the input of an observer can decide what form a particle finally takes.

Individual sub atomic particles have seemingly endless possibilities of form and position in time and space. They only settle on one, though, when observed or measured. What does this actually mean? This actually means that the consciousness of the observer brings the particle into set being. So one one level we can be said to be continually creating our own reality.

Scientist would say that on a day to day basis this only affects the quantum world not the seemingly solid “real” day to day world. Others argue that these particles are the basic building blocks of the ” real” world and cannot be viewed separately. ( Is this why prayer, spells and intention work? )

Anyway, in this way consciousness can be seen to be integral to creation. Whether it is ours or that of a supreme being is another matter.

Aspects of reality

Consciousness seem integral to creation.

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  1. Cassandra says:

    Hello again! Quite an interesting subject. You’ve probably heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto on your path of research, if not, he is famous for his discovery of water responding to whatever intention is brought near it (intention can be in the form of written or spoken words, pictures and even thoughts). The more positive the intention, a clearer and more complex pattern appears when the water molecules are observed under a microscope. A negative intention created a blurry unfinished pattern. Another one of Dr. Emoto’s experiments involved cooked rice contained in jars with words written on them and left to sit there for about a month. This experiment has been mimicked by many people including myself (results were still astonishing to see in person even though I already knew what to expect). The jar with the word for example “love” written on it, stayed almost the same colour, white with a tinge of yellow, and began fermenting. The jar with the word “hate” written on it became full of black, grey and green mould after about a month. The differences between the jars were night and day. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The experiment has been repeated by tons of people who all got similar results. Food for thought! Intention has power whether you want to realize it or not!

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