If aliens are among us, why can’t we all see them?

other beings If alien beings are actually among us, why do only some people see them and communicate with them? Why, after decades of sightings all over the world, are they not yet in plain sight? This is a question that reaches in the heart of our understanding of the nature of our reality itself.

There are both scientific and practical reasons for this.

Firstly, as  seemingly solid beings, we are all basically made, at atomic level anyway, from nothing more than vibrating energy. This vibrates at certain frequencies. Our sense organs are tuned into those frequencies. Beings vibrating at other frequencies we simply may not detect, although they may be all around us. We may be able to communicate with them via our minds though. Those of higher or faster frequencies may be able to see us, but we may not be able to see them. Some people with more sensitive minds or sense organs seem to be able to see or detect them though. This is true also for Angels, elemental and other beings that seem to share our reality with us.

Secondly, all that we actually see, via our sense organs, is co-ordinated though our brain. Our brain makes sense of things, seeing what it expects or is taught it should see. Even if beings are there, our brain may not recognize them as valid images and not register them. This is not wholly the case though because there are many tales of unsuspecting people having experiences with aliens out of the blue and seeing them clearly.

Aspects of reality

As beings limited by the capacity of our sense organs and minds, we may not be able to see what is around us but vibrating in other wavelengths.



3 Responses to “If aliens are among us, why can’t we all see them?”

  1. john hargrove says:

    Your asking all the right questions. What is relayed in the Annunaki narrative is that in the creation of the adamu was to have limits. They could not be equal with the gods. During the DNA manipulation of the merger between the two species turned certain switches were turned off. what is important to know is the Earth is alive and all Living sentient beings vibrate at a certain frequency. The pineal gland was made inactive in the ADAMU. Part of the process of the pineal gland (third eye)is that full operation allows for other dimensions to be accessed ,opened ,experience.. until we can open our minds to the third eye vision we will not see the other dimensions.

  2. richard cardew says:

    I agree. we have been programmed to only see 3 dimensions. we can open our eye with training, and enter the 4th dimension. here we can learn to fly, and see ourselves as beings in time, like trees. in fact the old testament Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are “gods”, 4 dimensional beings. another trap is “technology”. their technology we can now perceive as Pythagorean harmonics, “music” intelligence can be inherent in harmonic crystals, and indeed in multi dimensional energy itself. it has to “crystallise” dynamically.
    We do not “read” Neolithic remains because they are written harmonically, like quantum energy.

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