If aliens are among us why cannot we see them -2

spaceshipsLast time I explained the scientific reasons why we may not be able to see aliens or indeed other beings that seem to share our reality with us. What practical reasons could there be, if they are here, and they are in our optic range for seeing them, why they are not in plain sight?

This has several possible answers depending on the big picture of the universe and the nature of our reality itself.

1-They are actually not here at all, and are figments of people’s imagination. The rebuff to this is that too many sensible people, including friends of mine, have seen them. There are of course always cranks and fantasists, but there is still a large body of events that have not been explained or laughed away.

2- They are actually here, but those running our world do not want us to know about them. Our whole society is geared up to, and we are sold a view of, the universe that has us as a stand alone planet. Are we part of a bigger picture that people who actually run our planet,(who may not be who we think they are), do not wants us to know about for their own reasons? What could these reasons be?

3- They are actually here, but they themselves have very good reasons not to make themselves more widely known. Why this should be so depends on the nature of these alien beings, why they are here and the big picture of the galactic federation, which we may be part, of and its rules. More particularly it depends on the intent of these beings, which we can only hope is benign.

Aspects of reality

The reality is almost certainly that aliens beings are among us. The reasons for them not to reveal themselves will only become clear when they do!


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  1. Pauline Belben says:

    A lot of these Planetary Friends are vibrating at a higher level than us, hence why we can’t see them. I have seen them when just coming out of sleep, still on a higher plane. They heal me. I have seen holigrams of them. They have been by my bedside when I have woken up at night. They/I talk telepathically with them . They do not always take an acceptable form that we might like, so sometimes we could be frightened. The Manta group, for me, are particularly frightening, but I know, I am part of them. The Mantas are fantastic healers and are millions of years in advance with their healing technology. I have been on the receiving end of their healing, and have deep respect for them.
    I did give you my phone number Marian. Trust you got it.

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